Will Amazon Fire TV Stick work on any TV

With the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you will gain a ticket to the free streaming world! Apart from automatizing and changing any TV to a smart TV.

Amazon Fire TV

This Fire Stick sold by Amazon simply plugs into your TV like an oversize USB. 

Therefore, turning it into a smart TV that can be controlled using the remote, the Fire TV App, and even voice control.

You will be able to access plenty of different streaming services for free. While others such as Netflix and Hulu can be downloaded, you will have to pay monthly.

Other Apps such as games and YouTube can also be accessed easily inside the Fire Stick. Bringing all your TV watching to one spot.

After the initial purchase cost, the Fire TV Stick is free to use as you wish. And believe me, when I say you can now have more than a thousand channels, I am not kidding.

They are all inside the Fire TV Stick. Which includes all the services you could wish for. 

Including but not limited to, Netflix, Hulu, HBO now, The CW, IMDb TV, Amazon prime video, and more. Some even being utterly free of charge!

And even if you might not expect it, you can still control lights, switches, cameras, thermostats, and much more through the Fire TV Stick. Just like if you were using and any Echo product. 

Does any TV work?

As long as you have active WiFi and a TV with an HDMI connection, you are pretty much set. Those are the only requirement for the Fire TV Stick.

Not only is it affordable, it gives you a ton of benefits, but it can be installed almost anywhere. 

It is an excellent alternative to cable as it gives you much more channels and options for a lower price.

The cost

Fire TV Stick

A regular Fire TV Stick will cost you around $39.99 on Amazon; however, you can sometimes get a great discount, especially around Black Friday and the holidays for $19.99.

However, if you want the Fire TV Stick 4K version, it will cost you just a bit more. Coming in at around $49.99. But keep your eye out for their $24.99 price points.

The 4K version costs extra as it works with higher quality video. At the same time, the standard Fire TV Stick has 1080p resolution, which is exceptional. 

You can also purchase the Fire TV cube, which is a bit pricier. However, it includes a built-in speaker and microphone to be able to pick up voice commands as Alexa operates it.

With the Cube, you will not need a controller, which might be a deal-breaker for some people. 

However, the Fire TV Cube does not only work with WiFi, it can also connect to the Ethernet for faster connection.

You can pick one up for $119.99. However, sales always come along if you wait. If you are lucky, you might find an 89.99 deal on a Fire TV Cube!

The bottom line

Whichever choice you pick up at the store, you have now gained access to various apps that you can stream for free on-demands.

Which Fire TV Stick would you pick? Or would you instead go with the Fire TV Cube? Let us know down below!

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