What Fire Stick to buy

It is no secret that Amazon's Fire Sticks are hot on the market. Apart from affordable, providing tons of channels, and controlling the TV through your phone, we are all impressed! But what Fire Stick should you buy?

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Fire Stick Standard

Fire Stick Standard Version

Fire TV Stick 4K

Fire Stick 4K Version

Amazon Fire Stick TV

The cost difference

A regular Fire TV Stick will cost you around $39.99 on Amazon; however, you can sometimes get a great discount, especially around Black Friday and the holidays, for $19.99.

However, if you want the Fire TV Stick 4K version, it will cost you just a bit more. They are coming in at around $49.99. But keep your eye out for their $24.99 price points.

The Fire Sticks are around $10 difference and fluctuate during the holidays, Black Friday, and end of the year.

Fire TV App

Whether you have the Standard Fire TV Stick or the new 4K version, you can connect your phone to the Fire TV App.

Just as the controller, it has most of the features of the controller. You can activate Alexa, control the TV's movement, a keyboard, and playback video and audio. 

As well as gaining access to your apps and games quickly and without your remote being present. With the touch of a button, you can go back home or take a look at more options.

You will also gain access to a list of your apps and games and will be able to open them individually as well as having a look at all the Apps you can download into your TV.

The App allows you to receive feedback in the form of a small vibration to let you know it has selected what you clicked on. 

You also have the choice of buttons or a directional pad that is controlled by swiping.

However, there are differences between the two controllers. So it might depend on your personal preference.

The difference

Well, to begin with, the 4K version costs extra as it works with higher quality video. At the same time, the standard Fire TV Stick has a 1080p resolution, which is exceptional. 

The buttons are also different. Making it simple to distinguish between the two. For instance, the 4K version has volume control buttons and a muting button.

The version also includes an on and off button and an LED light that you will not be able to find these in the standard version.

However, both include the control wheel, Alexa voice control, home, back, and more options. You will also have a handy forward and back button, and a pause/play button too.

What Fire Stick to buy

If there is a minimal difference of ten dollars, why not go for the 4K version. 

Apart from providing a better quality image regardless of your TV size, it also allows you to control the volume.

With the standard Fire Stick, you will need to control your TV's volume utilizing the TV remote. As well as turning it on and off.

But with a 4K version of the Fire Stick, you will only need one controller. As it has all the features of the standard Fire Stick and controls the turning on and off, volume and muting.

The bottom line

Overall, they are both great products to invest in. But the decision is ultimately up to you. Both controllers still allow you to watch all the free channels, but is the $10 worth it?

Let us know what model you would purchase down below!

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