How to install Kasa smart wifi light switch

In this article, I show how to install a Kasa smart wifi light switch.

The process is simple; however, it's possible to make some mistakes during the installation ( I did myself), so I decided to write an article to discuss this topic.

I got this Wi-Fi smart switch on Amazon to install myself in my apartment. 

This model is a single pole switch which means it does not work with a second switch on the same room.

The box brings everything necessary for the installation, including the wall mount plate and the electrical wire connectors.

To check more details read the Kasa smart wifi light switch review,

Kasa smart Wi-Fi light switch

Kasa smart light switch wiring

A regular switch requires 3 wires for the installation.

The Kasa smart switch requires 4 wires for the installation.

  1. Neutral
  2. Live/Load
  3. Live/Load
  4. Ground

The picture below shows the back part of the smart switch with the labels.

TP Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Switch Wiring

(Click to enlarge)

As you can see, the white wire is labeled Neutral on the top; then, there are two black wires labeled Live/Load and the green wire labeled as Ground.

The picture below shows a regular switch using three wires.

Regular switch

For the Kasa Smart Switch, you need to use four wires, which means you will use the same wires from your old regular switch plus the Neutral Wire.

See the picture below with the Kasa smart switch wiring diagram.

Kasa Smart Switch Wiring Diagram

It's pretty simple; remove the wires from your old regular switch and connect them to the black and green ones (Live/Loads and Ground) and then connect the neutral wire that should be available in the electrical box.

Kasa smart light switch installation example

Here's an example of a real installation.

I removed the old switch from a bathroom to install the Kasa smart light switch.

The first step is to remove the wall plate and the screws from the old switch.

Regular switch wiring

Only two wires were connected to my old switch.

The third one (ground) was not there; perhaps the last electrician just forgot to connect it or was in a hurry. Anyway, the switch was working fine.

Regular switch wiring

I found the ground wire and the neutral inside the electrical box.

The next step was to remove the wires (Live/Load) from the old switch and connect them to the Kasa smart switch. See the details in the picture below.

Kasa Smart WiFi Switch Wiring

After wiring everything, I just mounted the smart light switch to the all and turned the breakers on.

As soon as the smart light switch gets power, an LED starts blinking to indicate that it's ready for the setup. The picture below shows the power and Wi-Fi LED.

Kasa Smart Light Switch Installed LED

The final step is to use a smartphone for the Smart Light switch setup and put the wall mount plate back into its place. When everything is finished, the switch shows a round symbol to indicate that it's working.

Kasa Smart WiFi Switch Ready to work

And the installation it's done. Easy, huh? 

You can do it too; just follow this example, and everything will be fine.

Video: How to install Kasa smart light switch

Here's a quick video that shows the smart switch installation.

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The Kasa smart Wi-Fi light switch is easy to install; however, the difference between the number of wires compared to a regular switch may cause some confusion, but with the step-by-step instructions in this article, you can install it.

Before start, the installation, turn the breakers off to make the install is safe.

I hope this article can help you; please share it with your friends.

Kasa smart Wi-Fi light switch

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