Fire TV App won’t connect

If you are not aware, Amazon implemented an app alongside the Fire TV Stick they launched. It is an excellent addition to their streaming platform. But what if it crashes?  What if the Fire TV remote app keeps disconnecting?

Amazon Fire TV App

You are watching your favorite movie, and all of a sudden, the Fire TV App stops working. I’ve been there, and I know the feeling. It’s very frustrating, isn’t it? 

Luckily I could have my Fire TV App working again by following the steps below.

Fire Stick Standard

Fixing Fire TV App connection

There are a couple ways to fix your issue: 

The first being unplugging your Fire TV Stick out of the HDMI entry; remember that your TV must be turned off!

You can also achieve the same goal by unplugging the power cord or the adapter. 

After waiting a minute, plug it back in and turn your TV on.

You should then attempt to connect the Fire TV app once again. 

If it is not responding, restart the device that you are using the App on, as well as attempting to update the App by going to your device’s app store.

What the Fire TV App does

You got your brand new Fire Stick, and you already lost the remote? Pull your phone out and get the Fire TV app! Are you wondering what it can do? 

The Amazon Fire TV App allows you to have your controller on the go. With simple navigations and a keyboard, you will never lose your controller again.

It will allow you to log in to an Amazon account and connect to an Amazon Fire Stick to replace its remote. This can be used whether you have your remote or not.

With the Amazon Fire Stick, you can access various free TV Apps to watch movies and shows. Want to find out which ones to download? Read the article here!


App Controls
Main App page

Just as the controller, it has most of the features of the controller. You can activate Alexa, control the TV’s movement, a keyboard, and playback video and audio. 

As well as gaining access to your apps and games quickly and without your remote being present. With the touch of a button, you can go back home or take a look at more options.

You will also gain access to a list of your apps and games and will be able to open them individually as well as having a look at all the Apps you can download into your TV.

The App allows you to receive feedback in the form of a small vibration to let you know it has selected what you clicked on. 

You also have the choice of buttons or a directional pad that is controlled by swiping.

For most games, you will not control them through the Amazon Fire TV App and will need the remote included with your Fire Stick.

You can also purchase the Amazon Game Controller as a replacement if needed.

Amazon Fire TV App Store


The App can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and Fire OS. And can be found in your app store by searching for “Fire TV.” 

Keep in mind there are many controllers; therefore, you should download the official Amazon Fire TV App to ensure your information will be safe.

The App will allow you to control different Fire Sticks as long as they are all connected under one Amazon account. 

This can be a great way to go back and forth with two TVs, and your whole family can get the App!

How to use the Fire TV App

Once you download the App and sign in to the account connected to your Fire Stick, it will allow you to select which Fire Stick you wish to control.

After selected, you will be able to control the movements of the TV. You will have included all the buttons in your Fire Stick remote. 

However, the volume will not be able to be controlled through the App.

You will have other features such as a keyboard, home, back, playback controls, and the microphone features to wake up Alexa. 

You can mess around with the default features through settings and choose some options, like controlling through swiping or tapping to make your experience that much better.

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The bottom line

Having a remote you can carry with you on the go is one of the best innovations Amazon brought to the table, especially in a world that’s surrounded by technology.

Now you know what to when the Fire TV remote app keeps disconnecting.

Perhaps now you can use it more often, right?

Remote or App? What’s your favorite? Tell me in the comment section below.

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