Which Fire TV apps are free

There are free services that can be found through Fire Stick. In this article, we will a look into the free Fire TV Apps.

free Fire TV Apps

Fire TV Apps

There are a total of ten free Fire TV Apps that offer their own collections to choose from. Keep in mind the list is in no particular order.


Fire TV Stick


Scoring 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon rating, Crackle has various blockbuster movies to enjoy. 

Crackle FireTV Apps

source: .crackle.com

Alongside many hit TV shows that you will never get tired of re-watching.

As well as exclusive originals that you might like taking a look at. 

Keep in mind that some things might move around; however, their lineup always seems to be on point.

Though Crackle is 1000% free, you will have ads and commercial breaks in between what you are watching. 

But who doesn’t run to the kitchen or bathroom during those?

Fawesome.tv Movies

Reaching 3.6 out of 5 stars, this free Fire TV App includes a library of around 10,000 movies and episodes to pass the time. 

Fawesome. App for FireTV

Source: fawesome.tv

Yes, you read that, right! The App is available for free, and updates are made in their content frequently. 

You can browse in 25 various genres and find one you enjoy. Check it out!


What was the last time you headed over to your local library? 

Hoopla App for FireTV

Source: Hoopla

Well with Hoopla, you can sign up with your library card, and log in to your Amazon Fire device. 

As long as your local library had partnered with Hoopla, you will gain free access to their digital media collection. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Music and audio books are included too!

It is clear that Hoopla is one of the most liked of the free Fire TV Apps, as it scores a whopping 4.4 stars on Amazon ratings!


Coming in with a 4.2-star rating, the IMDb TV app has a tremendous amount of content. 

IMBD TV Fire App

Source: IMBD

Especially for a free Fire TV App filled with great movies and content to make the most of your experience.

Though free, the App sustains itself off adds and can be accessed in many different devices. 

Including both the Amazon Prime Video app and Amazon Fire TV.


With a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating, you can not just watch movies and TV shows. Just as the Hoopla App, you can also listen to some digital media.

Kanopy Fire TV App

Source: Kanopy

You can quickly sign up and start watching right away!

Pluto TV

Pluto has a 4.2-star review and has more than 100 channels to watch. 

Pluto Fire TV App

Source: PlutoTV

Ranging from news to sports as well as some tremendous binge-worthy series.

There are plenty of episodes and movies that are on-demand to you. Especially as there would always be something new to watch at all times.


Scoring a high 3.6 out of 5 stars, STIRR is one of the newer and free streaming services. 

Stirr Fire TV App

With this App, you will have a massive collection of on-demanding streaming movies and TV shows at the tip of your finger.

It is no wonder that STIRR has, well, stirred a lot of popularity and makes for a great choice when utilizing a Fire TV.

The CW

Rated 4.2, CW has great innovative shows that can be watched with the small price of watching ads. 

CWTV FireTV Apps

Source: CW

You can catch full episodes of various shows. Or even take a peek at a new show couple episodes months before they drop on Netflix. 

The selection of on-demand episodes and movies are under your command!


With another 4.2 review rating, Tubi is 100% free and allows you to have unlimited streaming. 

Tubi TV Fire App

Source: TubiTV

Whether it is an award-winning movie or a particular TV show, Tubi has a great variety.

It includes kid and family-friendly content, as well as anime, and many other different genres to watch.


Last but not least, with a 3.9 rating, the XUMO app gives you free on-demand streaming as well as live. 

Xumo Fire TV App

Source: Xumo

With channels divided into 12 different genres, it is sure to have something for everyone.

Their movie collection is extensive, and you will always find something for the kids too.

The bottom line

Though free apps might include some ads, it might just be worth it! Download one or download them all. These free Fire TV Apps do not disappoint, and their ratings back them up.

Choose wisely and make sure to let us know your pick down below!

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