Kasa smart wifi light switch review

This article is a Kasa smart wifi light switch review.

I bought this TP-Link's smart Wi-Fi light switch to test it out, and now you can check my opinion about this device before deciding if it's the right one for you.

Kasa Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch

I chose this model on Amazon, and I liked the price, so I decided to give it a try.


TP-Link's smart Wi-Fi light switch

You can find bundles with two or three switches; I purchase only one just to make sure it would work the way I expected, so later I could buy extra ones 😉

Spoiler alert, I must confess that I liked this smart switch as soon as I finished the installation (which took me a while to figure the wires out). I'm happly with the product but it's important to understand what you can get from it. So, I suggest you to keep reading to learn more...

Let's take a look at the details...

Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch Overview

The product comes in a beautiful box that says you can use smartphones to turn lights and fans on and off from anywhere. You can also set a schedule and use Alexa and Google Assistant to command the appliances with your voice.

Kasa Smart Light Switch in the box

I like the idea that it's possible to use Alexa and Google just because I have other smart devices in my apartment that are paired with both of them.

The switch is a little bit larger than the normal (just a tiny bit), and the wall the plate measures 5 x 3.25 inches, compared to a standard 4.5 x 2.75 inches.

Kasa Smart Light Switch Compared to standard

The way you turn the switch ON and OFF completley changes because there's only on position to for both operations and it takes some time to get used to it.

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch ON OFF Position

After the installation and setup, you can press the switch to turn it on and off, use the smartphone or command voice to control your lights.

In the dark, it's possible to see the LED, which makes it easier to locate the switch.

Kasa Smart Light Switch in the dark

There's also an LED that indicates the Wi-Fi signal and connection status.

Using the Kasa App to control the lights

The Kasa app is easy to install and use; you just need to open the Playstore, download, install (if you don't have it yet), and follow the step-by-step setup.

After the setup, you can see the smart Wi-Fi switch available with the icon to indicate the light status. Just press the icon to turn the lights on and off.

Kasa Smart Light Switch App Devices

It's also possible to schedule the lights to turn on and off and 

Kasa Smart Light Switch App Tiner

The Kasa app is easy to use and intuitive; you can add other devices to the list. 

Smart Wi-Fi Light switch Pros and Cons

Alright, everything has pros and cons, right? Let's talk about them...


  • Easy to set up
  • Beautiful design
  • Remote control
  • Alexa and Google integratio
  • Inexpensive


  • Bulky circuit


The TP-Link's smart WiFi light switch is a good product to make the house more intelligent, allowing remote control of the lightbulbs.

It doesn't require a hub, and it's an affordable product.

I decided to buy new smart switches to use in other parts of my aparment.

If you want to give it a try, click the link below to check the price.

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