Why are my Govee Lights not working?

Defective and faulty products are bound to happen with most products out there. So what do you do if your Govee lights aren’t working?

Govee LED Strip Light

Before reading on, keep in mind that the lights not turning on when they already worked are not the same as them not working once plugged in for the first time.

If the Govee lights aren’t working, it could be due to other issues. However, if they previously turned on and have now stopped, you should check out our other article.

Test drive

Checking before installing is not only smart but essential too. Can you imagine going through so much hassle to hang up your lights just to have them not work?

Once you receive your package, plug it in and test it. To ensure that the lights turn on and are working correctly before installation. 

To be able to do this, you will first need to pull everything out of the box.

Plug the pin connector to the lights and then attach it to the control unit. You will then need to connect the control unit with the power box and plug it in the outlet.

When it is all set up, make sure to click on the first button to ensure it turns on correctly and works just fine. 

If you want to go a step further and connect it to your phone to ensure it works, you can go ahead.

As well as setting up a connection with your home assistant. Keep in mind the Govee Lights work with both Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa incredibly.

Pin connection

Govee Lights might not turn on

When putting together your Govee Light strip, you might remember the pin connector. 

This connects the LED strip directly to the control unit, which, in turn, is connected to the power unit that plugs into the outlet.

You will need to check all of these points to ensure your Govee Lights might not turn on because they are broken. 

After making sure that all of the points are plugged incorrectly, you should check the outlets.

Plug in a phone charger or anything else that can instantly let you know if the outlet is working. 

For instance, some homes, like mine, have light switches that can control whether outlets stop working or not.

Therefore, you should figure out if the outlet is the problem before assuming that the problem is the LED strip.

After testing all of the hacks above out, if your Govee lights aren’t working, you can return them, or get in touch with Govee directly.

I have had no issues with the product so far and highly recommend it. I have found it to be extremely high-quality and affordable.

The bottom line

Though your lights can possibly be faulty and need to be replaced, it is best to check all the possible problems first. 

It might be something you are doing instead of a defective product. In my experience, Govee Smart Lights is very high quality, from their products to their app, as well as affordable. 

What would you purchase from Govee next? Let us know down below!

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