Can Govee Lights be extended

Want to know what to do with your leftover LED strips? Should you reuse, renew, and recycle? Or is extending your Govee LED Lights more worth your time?

Govee LED Strip Light

Keep in mind that extending and reusing are not the same when it comes to installing your Govee Smart Lights.

The difference

When you reuse a strip, you are merely reattaching it to the original strip utilizing connectors. However, that is not the same as extending.

Extending would be adding more to the strip that is already full. And this can be potentially harmful is some ways.

Meaning that reusing your LED strip by moving it around from place to place and using connectors is more worth your time in the long run.


Goovee cut
Goovee cut strip

If you are leaning towards reusing your LED Light Strip, that is a whole different thing. Here is a preview of the article to answer your question:

With the provided Govee clips or any compatible clipping connectors, you can quickly get around corners. You will need to cut along the provided lines and clip both sides into the clip. 

Therefore, you do not have to throw away straps if you have connectors. For example, if you want to relocate your lights.

You can simply stick them onto something else, and exchange a corner clip to a straight connector. 

Therefore, you can reuse Govee Lights LEDs and cut down the cost of buying a brand new pack.

This can be extremely beneficial as you would only need to spend around $10 to transfer and reuse Govee Lights using connectors that can be easy to find.


Govee Lights might not turn on

Just like you would not casually pump some gas into an electric car, you should care about your Govee Lights.

Though every country is different, there is a set amount of voltage that flows through your outlets. Therefore, the power unit of Govee is set for a limited amount of strips.

While adding one strip might not affect the overall lights, adding more and more can damage your lights. Mainly because one outlet is powering more than one whole LED strip.

If you are looking for more LED lights, it is more worth your money to invest in one more strip than to have one break and end up buying two more.

Or, just overall, invest in a longer LED strip from Govee that you can cut and end up reusing later on. 

It is honestly more worth it than breaking all your LED lights and giving you more issues.

The bottom line

Extending your Govee LED Lights are not worth it. Mainly due to the low cost of Govee products. Their products are highly affordable, and you can pick between shorter or longer strips.

Remember, it is always better to renew, reuse, and recycle, than to try expending your Govee LED Lights and having them break!

Would you reuse your Govee Lights? Let us know down below.

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