FireStick keeps restarting (How to Fix)

Without a doubt, the Amazon’s FireStick is a fantastic device that allows you to view your favorite online streaming apps. But it doesn’t go without its flaws. In this article, I will discuss what to do if FireStick keeps restarting and how to fix it.

With a connection to your TV, the Firestick can connect you to an app such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, and many more, via your internet connection. 

How to fix a FireStick that keeps restarting? 

If your FireStick keeps restarting, it might be due to several factors, including the use of an unapproved cable, wear and tear on the micro USB cord, cable malfunction, insufficient power supply, or faulty hardware. 

However, the majority of causes for restarting the Firestick may be readily resolved at home. In this article, I’ll go over the top ten approaches to solve this problem that I’ve personally tried. 

10 Ways To Fix A Restarting Fire Stick – Troubleshoot Your Fire TV Stick 

Most electronic gadgets experience issues as a result of software or hardware flaws, and Amazon’s Fire Stick is no exception. 

In most cases, it’s due to an unstable power supply, but there are a few ways to figure out what’s causing the restart in Firestick, and it can be simply solved with a few easy modifications and gimmicks. 

The essential hacks listed below might help you fix this problem.

Remove the remote’s batteries and replace them. 

While most of the time, this issue is not caused by a low battery in the remote, there are situations when a fault in the remote might cause restart indications. 

So, if there’s a bug that has to be fixed, changing the batteries should suffice. 

Firmware for your FireStick needs to be updated. 

Because the FireStick is a piece of software, it can have defects like any other piece of software, but these can be resolved with official updates. 

As a result, the problem can be resolved by changing the device’s Firmware. Use the procedures below to upgrade the Firmware:

  1. Navigate to the FireStick TV Settings page. 
  2. Select “My Fire TV” then “About” from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Select “Check for system updates.”

If there are any, make sure to run them through. It can take a couple of minutes for your update to be processed.

Always use genuine/authorized accessories. 

Whether you have kids or animals (or both), misplacing accessories is nothing new. They can be lost, broken, or even chewed up– thanks, Max :/

And with multiple cables at home, you might use a different USB cable as a replacement. However, this is where the problem might start, causing your FireStick to keep restarting.

If you have the same issue, go for the original Fire TV Stick accessories, and your problem will be cured in a matter of minutes. You can usually find replacements easily, and they are always affordable.

Purchase a new USB cable. 

As stated above, a change in USBs can make a big difference. Just like you switch out your AC filter, think about swapping out your USB cable every so often.

It does not have to be frequently, but when you see that the FireStick keeps restarting or giving you any sort of issues, it can be a worthy and inexpensive investment.

Every USB cable has a life of its own, and as it ages, it begins to malfunction or altogether cease working. Try using a new USB cable to solve the issue. 

Extensions should not be used. 

When a direct power source is not available, the use of USB ports and power extensions makes connecting more effortless, but they can also cause a number of issues with insufficient power. 

If you’re experiencing trouble restarting, remove any extensions you’re using altogether.

Rely on the power supply

Instead of using the TV’s USB cord, you may use the power supply directly. The USB ports alone do not offer enough power for the FireStick to function normally. 

So, if you’re using a USB cord to connect your FireStick to your TV, try connecting it to the power source. A FireStick keeps restarting if it does not receive the correct amount of power. Thus, if used properly, the power source is enough. 

If your Firestick is flashing blue, check out my latest article to resolve the issue. 

Remove any other HDMI-connected devices. 

Almost every TV has two or more HDMI connections, making it easy for us to connect two or more devices through the HDMI ports. 

When two or more gadgets are connected to a single TV, the power supply to all of the connected gadgets may be insufficient. 

To figure out which item is causing the issue, try unplugging other connected gadgets with HDMI ports or inserting them in one at a time.

The power adapter should be replaced or changed. 

The original FireStick comes with a 1 Amp Power Adaptor, and most of the time, simply changing the adapter with a 2 Amp adapter cures the restarting issue. 

Turn your device’s HDMI CEC off. 

The HDMI CEC function is now found on the majority of televisions. Do you have any idea what this functionality does? 

Your device’s new functionality allows you to operate all HDMI-connected devices with only one remote. Because each device implements HDMI CEC in its own unique method, consider turning it off to resolve the issue. 

To turn off HDMI CEC, follow the procedures below. 

  1. Select Display and Sound from the Fire TV’s settings. 
  2. Switch off the HDMI CEC device control by clicking on it. 

Format the FireStick

This is the very last thing I recommend you do to fix your Fire TV stick’s restarting problem. There are other methods for factory resetting or formatting the device, but this simple method works the best for me.

  1. Select “My Fire TV” from the “Settings” menu. 
  2. Select Factory Reset from the drop-down menu. 
  3. After you’ve completed the factory reset, you’ll need to erase all of the apps from your Fire TV.

Restart the Fire TV Stick 

Now that you’ve figured out how to cure the Amazon FireStick keeps restarting problem, you could run into some issues in the future. Resetting the Fire TV Stick might be quite helpful in resolving issues. 

To do a hard reset on the Fire Stick, you must unplug it; however, you may perform a soft reset by pressing and holding the “Play” and “Select” buttons simultaneously. 

The soft reset restores your Fire Stick to its original factory settings but does not remove any of your apps. While the hard reset erases all previous knowledge and settings from the device, thus making it like brand new.

To sum it up 

If none of the following solutions work for you, you have a significant problem and must contact Amazon customer support to have the item repaired or replaced. 

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