How to Install Nest Thermostat With 6 Wires (Replace a LuxPro)

Want to learn how to install a Nest Thermostat with 6 wires ?

You are in the right place. I replaced my LuxPro Thermostat and documented the entire process in this article. Here you can find everything you need.

Nest Thermostat install

Here's a picture of the final installation and everything is working fine 😉

Nest thermostats don't use jumper wires

Those are Nest words, not mine 🙂 

I found this information on Google support website.

Nest Thermostat Jumper

So, if your actual thermostat uses a jumper (just like the LuxPro), you don't need it for the Nest thermostat installation (more on that later in this article).

You don't need to use the six wires

That's right. You will use only 4 of the six wires connected to the old thermostat.

When I opened my LuxPro thermostat, I saw 6 wires connected to it, but then I realized that there's a jumper between two contacts (RC and RH) and they are not necessary for the Nest Thermostat installation.

LuxPro Thermostast Jumper

The LuxPro thermostat has the following connected wires:

  • G = Green
  • Y = Yellow
  • RC = Red
  • RC = Jumper to RC
  • W = White

For the Nest Thermostat installation you will use G, Y, RC and W

LuxPro Thermostat connected wires

For the Nest Thermostat installation, you will use G, Y, RC, and W

The wires used for the Nest Thermostat

I removed the wires and the jumper from the LuxPro thermostat.

In my installation, the wires are color-coded as Green, Red, Yellow and White.

You can use the labels that come in the box to make sure you use the correct wires.

LuxPro Thermostat wires for Nest Thermostat

Now that you have all your wires labeled, you can install the Nest Thermostat.

How to install and wire the Nest Thermostat

After removing your old thermostat, you just need to install the new one.

Use the installation steel and trim plate and place the Nest base into place.

Installing the Nest Thermostat Steel Plate
Installing the Nest Thermostat Trim Plate

Make sure the base is secure in place and connect the wires.

Installing the Nest Thermostat Base
Wiring the Nest Thermostat Base

And that's the way you should have your Nest Thermostat wired

Nest Thermostat correctly wired

Nest Thermostat Wired - Click to Enlarge

And now you are ready to install and set up the thermostat itself.

How Setup the Nest Thermostat

Alright, now comes the fun part 🙂

It's time to install and set up your thermostat.

Just place it into place according to the picture below.

Installing the Nest Thermostat into the base

Installing the Nest Thermostat into the base  (Click to Enlarge)

And now you just give it a gentle push and it will start working.

You just need to follow the instruction on the screen for the setup.

Nest Thermostast setup

Nest Thermostat Setup (click to enlarge)

The next step is to set up the smartphone to work with the thermostat.

Visit the iOS or Android Store to download and install the Nest App.

Follow the setup wizard, and you are done.

Nest Thermostast setup for smartphone

Video: How install the Nest Thermostat

Here's a quick video that shows the thermostat installation.


You can install and set up your Nest Thermostat even if it has more wires than you expect. I've replaced my LuxPro in about 30 minutes.

For the setup, you just need to follow the instructions on the screen.

I hope this article can help you; please share it with your friends.

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