How to Reset a Ring Doorbell

If you’re gifting or selling your Ring Doorbell, you’ll want to reset it, so it’s ready for a new owner. This post will teach you how to reset a Ring Doorbell.

If you’re having problems with your gadget, you must fix it as soon as possible. Your Ring is an asset to your home and adds a layer of protection. To assist you, we’ve included instructions on restoring your Ring Doorbell’s factory settings. 

Difference between reset and restart

Though these words are similar, they represent entirely different ideas. The two processes are very distinct and achieve dissimilar results.


Erasing is the same as resetting. A restoration or factory reset is the process of returning a device to the condition it was in when it was initially acquired. It’s essentially a wipe-and-reinstall of a system, as the only method to do a genuine reset is to delete all of the present software.

This is mainly used to put all of your settings in order and allow the device to have a fresh start. If your Ring has been installed for a long time, this can be a good change and restoration to your device.

Ring Video Doorbell-2 wires


Rebooting a device is a typical activity that you may perform on a variety of devices if they aren’t performing as expected. A network, modem, laptop, tablet, smart device, phone, desktop computer, and other devices can all be restarted. 

To put it another way, rebooting or restarting anything involves cycling the power status. The gadget does not receive electricity when you switch it off; it gets electricity when switched back on. 

A restart/reboot is a single action that entails turning something off and then turning it back on again. This is used when doing an upgrade on your device.

Ring Doorbell Reset Instructions 

The procedure for resetting your Ring Doorbell varies depending on the model. Thus, you must first know what kind of device you own prior to resetting a Ring Doorbell.

Check your model

Ring Video Doorbell

Removing the doorbell from its mounting bracket is the first step. 

Press and hold the orange button on the back of the doorbell.

Ring Doorbell 2, Doorbell 3, Doorbell 3 Plus, and Elite

The doorbell’s faceplate should be removed. Press and hold the black button on the device’s front.

Ring Doorbell Pro

Remove the faceplate and press and hold the black button on the doorbell’s right side.

Press and hold the device’s setup button for around 30 seconds to reset the Ring Doorbell. When you see a white spinning or flashing light on the front of the doorbell, you know it was correctly reset. When the light shuts off, the reset is complete.

This process might take several minutes to complete. If you want to keep your doorbell, you’ll need to re-add it to the Ring app after it’s been reset. 

Power Cycle

You can power cycle your Ring Doorbell to restart it without losing any of your settings. Power cycling is a simple troubleshooting option to attempt if your doorbell isn’t working properly.


You should remove the battery from a battery-operated Ring Doorbell and replace it to power it up again. Allow a few minutes for the gadget to turn on again. 

Hardwired Ring

Remove and replace the wires on the back of the device, or turn the breaker that powers the doorbell to power cycle a hardwired Ring Doorbell. 

Ring Doorbell Elite

Unplug and re-plug your Wi-Fi router power cord to power cycle a Ring Doorbell Elite.

How to Reset the Wi-Fi on the Ring Doorbell 

It’s simple to reset the Wi-Fi settings for your Ring Doorbell without having to set up the entire doorbell. The steps are as follows:

  • You may put it in setup mode by pressing the same button that you used to hard reset your doorbell. Do not push and hold the button; instead, press and release it. 
  • In the app’s settings section, choose your Ring Doorbell. 
  • Select “Device Health” from the drop-down menu. 
  • Choose “Change Wi-Fi Network,” then follow the app’s instructions.
  • When asked, select your preferred Wi-Fi network and enter the password for the network.

Unplugging your modem and router will also restart your Wi-Fi network. Before plugging them back in, wait at least 30 seconds. 

The Last Thoughts 

To do a hard reset on your Ring Doorbell, press and hold the setup button for 30 seconds. When your doorbell isn’t working properly, a hard reset might assist. 

If you’re getting rid of your doorbell, you’ll need to delete it from your Ring account entirely. To do so, go to the Ring app’s device settings and pick the delete device option.

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