Why is my Ring not picking up deliveries?

Ring Smart Doorbells are purchased as an extra safety feature. Thus, when it stops working, it compromises your home. This article will answer the question: Why is it that my Ring Doorbell isn’t picking up deliveries at my front door? 

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Whether you live alone or have a family, Ring fits your life and needs. Some individuals seek to improve the security around their houses and safeguard the people who live there. 

Others just want to know when a visitor or package handler approaches their front door. However, many customers are having problems when it comes to the Ring Doorbell’s motion-detecting feature. 

Motion detection alerts on your smartphone might be under effect by a number of factors. Including a lost internet connection, specific Motion Settings, and camera problems. To figure out why your Ring Doorbell isn’t collecting your deliveries, do some troubleshooting.

Continue reading to learn how to resolve this issue and get the most of your Ring Video Doorbell’s capabilities. 

Why Ring Doorbell isn’t picking up deliveries?

Many Ring users have taken to the forums to express their frustrations with their Ring Doorbell. Some users report that the gadget fails to catch any form of movement. While others claim that the device just fails to capture their delivery. 

Don’t panic if your Ring Doorbell’s motion detection functions aren’t working; or you’re not getting notifications when motion is detected. 

So, to discover out where the problem is originating from, follow these steps:

Check to see if your camera is capable of detecting motion. 

You may accomplish this by looking at the Event History of your camera on the dashboard. Check to see whether there is a record of previous moves. 

If you don’t see any prior videos, it’s because your Ring gadget didn’t record them. Set your Motion Frequency to Frequent and double-check your Motion Settings to ensure your Motion Zones are appropriately configured.

You can also walk around the area yourself or send a buddy to do so to test it out. Make sure that the camera can identify a person moving.

Make sure the Motion Schedule isn’t turned on. 

These schedules limit the device’s ability to detect motion and notify you only at specific times. In the Ring app’s dashboard, you’ll notice a clock next to your Ring device if there’s a Motion Schedule. 

If they are on, make sure you disable them and refresh the app to ensure you saved the settings. In reality, you should avoid setting schedules at all to receive all messages of tracked movement in your home.

Camera angle.

A simple glare at the right angle can completely blind the camera and keep it from doing its job and explains why your Ring Doorbell isn’t picking up deliveries . Is there dirt and debris on the lens? Is it foggy, and the camera is blurry? A big plant in front of the camera?

To check whether it makes a difference, try putting a wedge beneath it to modify the detecting angle and clean the camera to ensure nothing is blocking it. Furthermore, move any objects that might be in the way and affect a clear view path. 

Make sure your gadget is linked to your WiFi network at home. 

If the preceding methods do not work, your mobile device may be malfunction. For both Android and iOS devices; Ring has troubleshooting guides.


Aside from these problems, some smart doorbell owners believe that delivery employees may be utilizing a jammer device when making deliveries. 

A signal jamming device prevents signals from being sent or received. 

It causes interference on the same frequency as many cell phones and other mobile devices. As a result, a mobile phone user may lose service or experience signal degradation.

Although these jammer devices are frequently challenging to detect, it is prohibited and punishable under the law. If you suspect this kind of action, contact the customer care department of your delivery provider. 

How Does the Motion Detection on the Ring Doorbell Work?

Three passive infrared (PIR) sensors are used in the Ring Video Doorbell. These sensors detect motion by measuring the amount of heat in the detecting zone. 

When people approach the region of your doorbell, the heat readings will alter since humans are hotter than their surroundings. Then, the gadget will notify you that someone is approaching. 

The sensors are pointed downward, which allow the gadget to detect persons up to 30 feet away who approach your entrance.

Assistance from Ring

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ring Customer Service for further information. It doesn’t have to be a permanent problem if you’re having problems with your Ring Video Doorbell. 

Many manufacturers provide users with valuable and easy-to-understand support resources. To make sure you’re using your gadget to its best capacity, contact customer support or look up other troubleshooting tutorials like this one.


Overall, the Ring company is a tremendous and time-worthy investment that can occasionally give you a little trouble. But it makes up for it due to the various resources it provides its customers.

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