How to reset Kasa cameras

Here you can see how to reset a Kasa camera.

Perhaps you lost the password and need to recover it or just want to start the setup from scratch and factory default it.

In any case, you can just follow this article to get the job done.

How to reset my Kasa camera

Let's focus on how to reset the camera physically.

It's easy, you just need to use the reset button available in the product.

Here are the steps:

  • Locate the reset button (see picture);
  • Power the camera;
  • Press and hold the button;
  • Hold the button for 15 seconds;
  • Wait for the LED to flash amber;
  • Release the button.

You can start the setup again and follow the wizard steps to get your camera up and running.

The process is similar to all Kasa cameras; you just need to find the reset button, press and hold it for 15 seconds until you see the flashing amber LED.

The following pictures show some examples of the Kasa camera reset button.

reset kasa camera reset button
reset kasa camera
Kasa reset button
Kasa reset button

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