Alfred App Error Codes

If you are facing issues with the Alfred camera App, you can find some help interpreting the error codes. That may be very helpful.

You can fix the issues based on the error code messages, here they are:

Error code 1008

Failed to record video (1008)

This error usually indicates there's no more space to record the footage, which means you need to make more room for the recordings.

You can easily solve the problem via the App interface and go to the storage session to make the necessary changes.

Error code 1010

You don’t have permission to watch Live stream. Please check if your account is under Trust Circle. (1010)

Your App has problems with privileges.

 Here's how to fix the problem.

  • Update the Alfred app to the latest version;
  • Remove the Trust Circle's users;
  • Add the user back.

Error code 1016

This Camera is not accessible now. Please try again later. (1016)

Are you in a hurry? 🙂

If you try to open a live session and then do it again, you may end up with two simultaneous connections, and that's when you get the error message.

So, chill out and just open one session.

You may also check if there's no extra user connected to your camera.

Perhaps a friend or somebody else you gave access to the system, or in the worst-case scenario, somebody messing up with your camera.

Better check on that, huh?

Error code 1017

Failed to apply new settings to the Camera device. Please try again later. (1017). 

If you see this message, don't just keep trying to connect over and over again. Restart the app first and then go for a new connection, it may work.

Error code 1018

This Camera is connected by <username>. Please try again later. (1018).

Yeah, somebody is connected to your camera, and I think that's probably you. The connection may be stuck, so restart the App and try again. 

Error code 1019

Your session is interrupted by <username>. Please try again. (1019). 

Huumm, somebody is interrupting your session.

It's better to check on that to see if everything is OK.

Talk to the people that have access to your camera and then restart the App and try to login again, it may work, but you still need to figure out how else is connecting to it.

Error code 3001

Failed to sign in. (3001)

These errors are usually related to login or time issues.

Either a problem with the user/ password, a problem with connected accounts using the Google credentials, or the wrong date and time.

Check if you have the correct username and password and update your account by changing the password.

You can also check the date and time and correct if necessary and disconnect/connect the Google account. It may work and solve the problem.

Error code 3005

Please go back to the sign in page and sign in with another email account.

This error is related to a bad sign-in on Google.

Yeah, you need to use a Google email account to sign it.

Perhaps you are trying to use your private email or another one other than the Gmail account. So just log in using a Google account, and you are good to go.

Error code 3007

Failed to sign in. (3007)

This one is simple and self-explanatory.

You have failed to sign in, so just click on the sign-out button and sign in again.

Error code 4001

Camera device failed to launch. Please reboot your device and try again. (4001)

You probably have more than one app in your mobile phone connected t the camera simultaneously. Just check that, close the up and try again.

Error code 4003

Insufficient storage space left on Camera. (4003)

Once again, this is a self-explanatory error.

There's no space in your camera to keep recording, so you need to manage that in your App. Just do it to correct the problem.

Error code 5001

Please update this Camera device to automatic system time. (5001)

Yeah, I told you before. It's important to set the time correctly in your camera.

C'mon, the camera is recording the footage, and it needs to timestamp it to find the video you are looking for later. Isn't that important?

Check the camera's date and time and just fix it.

Error code 5010

Failed to save the video to your album. Please check if you have enough storage. (5010)

Again, check your storage, you need to make room for your camera to record. 😉

Error code 5015

Two-Way Talk is not supported on this Camera device. (5015)

You know that Two-Way talk means, right?

Yeah, the feature that allows you to use bi-directional audio in your camera. 

If it's not supported on the camera you have, you can't use it. It's that simple.

Error code 5016

Loading…Please wait. (5016)

As the message says. "It's loading" 🙂

Just wait for a while, and if nothing changes, restart the application.

Error code 5019

The version of Alfred on this Camera will soon become unsupported. Please update to the latest version. (5019)

Don't keep using old Apps; just update yours before you don't get support anymore. That's what the message says, so act upon it.

You can look for the latest App using your phone; just do it.

Error code 5020

Please go to your Camera device and update the app to the latest version. (5020). 

A self-explanatory message again.

Just update the App, and you are done.

Error code 5021

Message: This version of the app is no longer supported. Please update it to the latest version. (5021). 

I told you before that you need to update your stuff, right?

Yes, I did. Update the App, and everything will be fine.

Error code 5022

Please go to your Camera and update Alfred. (5022).

Once again, an update is needed. Go for it.

Error code 5024

Viewer Priority is not yet supported on iOS devices. (5024)

Viewer priority is a feature that allows you to choose which users take precedence on viewing the camera live stream when there is a simultaneous connection to the device.

As you can see, it's not supported (yet) on iOS devices, so you can't use it on your brand new iPhone with lots of features. Sorry for that 🙂

Error code 5501

Unable to save Image (5501)

You may have a problem with privileges, or the storage may be full.

Restart your app and check the App for the storage configuration.

Error code 6001

Your previous in-app purchase has not been completed. Do you want to resume the process? (6001)

Something went wrong with the app purchase; just fix your purchase.

Error code 6008

You already upgraded to Alfred Premium with another account. Please switch to the account associated with the subscription. (6008)

I think you got this one, right?

Just sign out of your account and log in again using the appropriate account you have a subscription.

Error code 6004

Message: There was a network error while processing your purchase. (6004)

Again an error during the purchase process.

Just start over, and you will be fine.

Error code 6005

An error occurred while processing your purchase. Tap “Know More” to learn how to fix it. (6005)

Start over the purchasing process.

Error code 6007

Message: You already purchased Alfred Plus with another account. Please switch to the account associated with the purchase. (6007)

That's a self-explanatory message.

Error code 7001

Message: Unable to start Live stream. Please check your network status and try again. (7001)

Check for a lousy Internet signal, a router that may be too far away, and other things that can impact the Internet. Fix it, and everything will be fine.

Error code 7002

Message: Failed to stream the live feed. Please try again. (7002) 

Restart the app and try again.

You may also try to restart the camera and see if the problem is solved.

Alfred camera error code 7004

Message: Server unreachable. Please make sure you are connected and try again. (7004)

Check your Internet connection, restart the App and try again.

Error code 7006

Message: This Camera device is offline. Please check the internet connection and battery level. (7006). 

Make sure the Internet is working, check the battery and try again

Error code 7009

Message: This Camera device is offline. Please make sure your Camera device has enough battery. (7009)

It's self-explanatory. Just do it.

Error code 7010

Failed to wake up Camera. (7010)

The camera is no longer available.

You need to physically power the camera on or just restart it if it's stuck

Error code 7013

Message: Something went wrong. Please try again later. (7013)

Just restart your camera and App and try again.

Error code 9005

Message: Failed to add this account into Trust Circle. Please try again later. (9005). 

Remove the account and create it again with the Trust Circle.

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