How to reset SimpliSafe camera

SimpliSafe camera is a must-have for your home’s security and allows you to speak freely with your visitors. This article will teach you how to reset a SimpliSafe Camera.

This camera is one of the finest choices for security camera installation in your house because of its ease of installation and the device’s connectivity features. 

reset a SimpliSafe Camera

Resetting the camera is as simple as disconnecting and replugging it, although this procedure may not always work. 

You may also reset your camera by pressing the reset button for 20 seconds. If none of these solutions work, you’ll have to come up with something else. 

Here’s how to speed up the process of resetting your SimpliSafe camera:

The straightforward reset procedures

Try the following procedures first before moving on to the other options: 

To reset a SimpliSafe Camera, press and hold the reset button for 20 seconds. Then unplug it fully and wait a few minutes before connecting it back in. 

You can attempt both of these procedures at the same time. You might try the options below if none of the above ways worked to reset your SimpliSafe camera.

The restart of the setup procedure 

Resetting your SimpliSafe camera will mean that you need to repeat the setup procedure, which you have done once to set up your camera out of the box.

To accomplish this, simply wait for the camera’s light to blink yellow and white. Once both of these flashing lights are visible, you may begin the setup procedure.

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The procedure should just take a few minutes and is more likely to cure your problem. Some cameras have a setup button on the back that may be used to resume the setup process. 

After you’ve successfully reset your device, you’ll need to set it up, which is simple to accomplish by following these steps:

Installing the SimpliSafe Home Security App on your device 

You should download the SimpliSafe home security application that allows you to watch over your house. 

If you have any difficulties with your camera and want to reset it, you may remove it from the list and re-add it using said app. Follow these instructions:

  1. Choose the camera and then “forget” it. 
  2. Select the install camera option in the SimpliSafe home security app.
  3. Now choose the camera you wish to install from the list. 
  4. You will notice a gear option in the lower-left corner of your program; pick it. 
  5. After that, you may add a new camera and give it a name. Once you’ve finished adding the camera to your smartphone, you may move on to the following step. 

Setting up the WIFI 

After you’ve added your camera to the SimpliSafe home security app, you’ll need to connect it to the internet, which you can accomplish by following these simple steps. 

  1. You must locate and pick your WIFI from the provided list in the app. 
  2. Provide your wireless network’s password. 

When the camera begins to flash a yellow light, it means it is now linked to the WIFI, although there are some connectivity challenges. 

If you’re having trouble connecting your WIFI to the camera, make sure your internet is operating properly and move closer to your WIFI router. 

However, if your camera begins to flash a red light, it is unable to connect to your WIFI. In this scenario, you’ll need to double-check the WIFI password you entered as well as the network. 

A blue light means your camera is operating correctly and may be watched in real-time. Once you have seen a blue light, you are ready for the following steps.

Scanning the QR code

This is a quick and easy way to find out more information. You must scan the QR code to proceed with the installation procedure. To scan the QR code, follow these steps: 

  1. Select the “get QR code” option from the list of alternatives accessible in the app on your phone. 
  2. The QR code will be produced, and you’ll need to point your phone at it until it recognizes it. 
  3. If your device is blinking a white light, it simply signifies that the QR code was not successfully scanned. 
  4. Only if the white light is solid, which indicates that your QR code was adequately read and the camera is connected to the WIFI, can you be sure it worked. 
  5. You will hear a confirmation tone after the camera reads the code, confirming that your camera is connected. 

If your QR code isn’t scanning, 

You could have problems reading QR codes, and you’ll need to use alternative approaches to solve the problem. Here are some easy guidelines to follow in order to scan a QR code correctly: 

  1. Before you begin scanning the QR code with your smartphone, make sure that your phone’s brightness is set to the highest setting. 
  2. You should also double-check that your camera is linked to the internet through WiFi. 

Your QR code will not be read if one of these stages is skipped, and you will observe a persistent error in the shape of a linking white light. 

Check to see whether your WIFI is reliable enough to connect to your camera and offer you continuous live footage.

QR issues with Android devices

The iPhone may sometimes scan the QR code better than an Android can. However, you can solve this problem by diagnosing the problem and following a few basic rules: 

  1. Install the SimpliSafe home security program correctly. 
  2. Use the same software to display the QR code on the screen as well. 
  3. Keep the phone’s brightness at its highest setting. 

If the problem persists, you may still uninstall and reinstall your camera on your phone. You could also check your internet connection since this is the most common cause of camera connectivity problems.

Simple methods for scanning QR codes 

Even if the QR code does not scan after repeated efforts, you do not need to be concerned since you may snap a screenshot of it and follow the steps below: 

  1. Capture a screenshot of the QR code in your device by hitting the power and volume up buttons at the same time. 
  2. After that, you may magnify the screenshot so that the QR code is clearly visible. 
  3. For a clearer QR code, raise the picture size by one-fourth. This will make it easier to scan, and there will be no issues with the QR scan.

Understanding your SimpliSafe camera’s LED indicators 

It is crucial for you to be aware of your SimpliSafe camera’s LED indicators to fully comprehend them. Here’s a collection of LED colors and indications and what they’re trying to say to consumers. 

If the camera has a solid blue light, it is correctly attached, and if it blinks, it is capturing activities and may be recording. 

A solid yellow light will appear if your camera is upgrading.

If your camera encounters a WiFi issue, a blinking red light will indicate that it is not connected to the WiFi network. 

The presence of a blinking yellow light indicates that your camera has connected to the WiFi but is unable to connect to the internet.

A steady white light will appear on your camera if your camera successfully reads the QR code. If the same white light blinks repeatedly, your camera is unable to scan the QR code. 

You may also utilize the night mode, and to make sure it’s turned on, look for a little red light that stays on constantly. This is the camera’s InfraRed light or IR, which allows it to show a clear black and white image in the dark.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the approaches to reset a SimpliSafe Camera and other troubleshooting options you might have to rely on. Nevertheless, your SimpliSafe camera should be fine.

For ongoing home security, you may follow these instructions and reinstall your camera on your smartphone. 

You should solve your security camera issue as soon as possible to receive a live view of your home and keep it secure while you are away! 

The most crucial thing is to have it up and running for when you need to monitor your home and its surroundings. Safety is of the uttermost importance when it comes to you, your family, and your home.

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