How to Reset Simplisafe Base Station

In this article, I show how to reset the SimpliSafe Base Station.

If your SimpliSafe alarm system has some issues, you may need to reset the base station to get it up and running again.

The process is straightforward and takes less than 5 minutes.

Here's how to reset the SimpliSafe Base Station?

If your SimpliSafe base station does not connect to the Internet, you may power cycle or reset it to have it working again.

You need a screwdriver to get the job done.

Here are the steps to reset it:

  • Unplug the Base Station from power;
  • Remove the screws from the battery cover;
  • Open the battery compartment;
  • Remove the battery from the base;
  • Wait for 15 to 25 seconds;
  • Insert the battery back to the base;
  • Power the device on;
  • Wait for the base to come back online;
  • Arm the system and test it.
  • And you are done.

    Your base station may be working now.

    If the sensors are not responsive

    There are different ways to fix the problem depending on the system version you are using, the Gen 3 SimpliSafe and the traditional system sold in 2017 and previous years.

    Either system has a similar way to get fixed. Let's take a look.

    If the base station can't connect to the sensors in a SimpliSafe System, you may check the following:

  • The sensors are too far away from the base station;
  • The sensors were not set up correctly;
  • The battery is low.
  • Here's how to fix these issues:

  • Move the sensors close to the base station;
  • Re-program the base station to add the sensors;
  • Replace the batteries.
  • Conclusion

    To solve the problem with your Simplisafe system, you either need to powercycle/reset the base station, check the batteries and the distance between the station and the sensors.

    It's something simple you can accomplish by yourself.

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