Can ADT work without a landline?

In this article, let’s answer the question, “Can ADT work without a landline?

ADT System

ADT has been providing home security for over 130 years and has evolved with the times. The company now offers a wireless system that can work without a landline connection.

Does ADT require a telephone line?

No. It’s not mandatory to have a telephone line to work with the ADT security system. You have different choices that vary from landlines to wireless radios that communicate without any wires.

ADT offers different packages that use landlines, but you can choose those that use the CellGuard technology to communicate with the ADT monitoring center.

ADT uses radio for its security systems

ADT’s new wireless systems use radio waves and Wi-Fi to connect, which means there is no need to have an existing phone line in your house. 

The ADT wireless system includes state-of-the-art equipment that will provide you with peace of mind while living in your home or business. 

Radio waves are also necessary for the ADT system to work as it needs to communicate with your monitoring station using radio waves rather than telephone lines.

The popularity of the ADT wireless system

The ADT alarm system is one of the most popular security systems in the country. It’s also a very versatile system, with many options for installation and monitoring.

One such option is ADT Pulse which does not require a landline to function. 

ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse has a built-in cellular chip, and ADT’s site claims there is no need for an existing landline or broadband service.

With ADT Pulse, you can connect your system to the internet through Wi-Fi at home or with any mobile device when you’re away from home.

This makes ADT accessible anywhere in the world as long as it has an Internet connection.


The ADT systems that use a landline to communicate with the monitoring center can also use the CellGuard as a backup. If the telephone line fails, the connection can still be established to the monitoring center.


No matter what ADT plan you choose, there’s always an option to work with or without a landline.

You can call an ADT representative, select the best plan for your home or business, and get the protection of one of the most popular companies in the USA.

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