How to turn off the ADT door chime

The alarm systems provided by ADT are a perfect way to protect your home by monitoring the movement of the influx in your household. But it does not always have to be noisy. Let’s learn how to turn off the ADT door chime.

Knowing that your home is safe once you leave will allow you to have peace of mind and keep you alert with what is going on. ADT Alert’s door chime is one of their key features. However, it is essential for you to know how to properly turn off the door chime on an ADT alarm system.

To this day, there is something remarkable about the ADT alert system. However, it rings once someone enters or leaves your home, making it an excellent guard dog. 

But once in a while, you just want some peace and quiet. Whether you are hosting a get-together or it’s summer and the kids are playing hide and seek indoors and outdoors, the repetitive sound of the chime can become quite annoying.

The rundown of ADT door chime

Disarming an ADT alarm

Having a home security alarm will allow you to monitor all of your family’s movements when entering and leaving your home. This way, chimes are triggered to let you know when someone enters and leaves your house. Using chimes prevents criminals and thieves from entering your home and scares them away. This feature ensures that you are notified when someone enters or leaves your home.

The importance of a door alarm

Before we go over how to turn off the ADT door chime, we should mention its essential role in the household. The safety of your family, especially children, has no cost.

A simple chime can let you know your kid got home while you are cooking in the kitchen, or you can even get an alarm on your phone while you are at work. The point is, regardless of where you are, you will always know when someone enters your home.

Furthermore, you are alerted once someone leaves, keeping the sneaking teens inside and alerting you for any other reason that someone is heading out the house.

But during a birthday surprise party or a family thanksgiving dinner, there is nothing more irritating than that beeping noise over and over again nonstop. 

That is why it is crucial to learn how to turn off the ADT door chime and know how to turn it back on once the guest leaves. It would help if you always left it on when you can, as it can make a big difference. 

Regardless of where you live, you should always invest in the ADT system. Though it might be somewhat hard to install and even a bit up there in price, safety is the number one priority in every household.

Plus, if you travel a whole lot, you will find that knowing when the dog sitter comes in and out or whether anyone enters your home is an essential part of your home security.

How to turn off the ADT door chime

The steps to turn off your door chime are extremely easy, especially with the ADT system. Here are the steps you need to take to turn off the ADT door chime.

Step one

Open the alarm up and press the “*” button and the “4” button simultaneously. This is the standard basis for any ADT door alarm system.

If this does not work, consult the manual for your type of alarm to know how to turn it off. Different types of alarms require other methods to disable the chime. 

Step two

Once the ADT alarm notifies you, press and hold the “chime” button for around 5 seconds, close the door to the alarm, and you are set. 

Remember to test it out and make sure the chime is off by opening up the front door and closing it once again. 


Follow the same steps to undo the disabling of the chime to enable it. Again, you should test it every time you turn it on or off to ensure that it is working correctly.

Low battery on ADT door alarm

An ADT door alarm being low in battery can be bad for one of two reasons. Apart from the incredibly irritating noise it makes, it also means that sooner or later, your alarm will disable, leaving you in the dark as to what is happening.

You should also ensure that the backup battery is charged and ready to go, especially in a power outage, where your alarm solely relies on the backup battery.

Additionally, to silence the alarm’s beeping, press the “off” or the “#” button to make the beeping stop. If you need any other instructions, check the manual to your ADT alarm.

Bottom line

As we covered in this article, door chimes and alerts are effective methods to monitor the movement of people in and out of your home throughout the day.

Though they might become quite annoying and brutal after a while, they give you the option to turn the chime off. But once the party is over, don’t forget to turn it right back on!

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