How Can I Make The Ring Chime Louder?

You’ve got your ring gadget set up and ready to go. It is installed correctly, and it is everything you wanted it to be. This post will explain how to make the Ring Chime louder. This is a basic fix. 

Isn’t the Ring a great addition to your home? Now you get to see who is in the front door wherever you are! The bad news is that the doorbell has been rung, and you can hardly hear it.

We’ll look at a few different settings and devices to see where the volume control is located in this post. Tone will also be explored in order to show how to make the most of your volume. Depending on the model, the instructions will differ. 

The way you control the volume on the Ring Chime and Ring Chime Pro differs from how you control the volume on the Ring Chime 2nd generation. The following are the volume levels for 1st generation chimes:

  • Loudest
  • Loud
  • Low
  • Very Low
  • Silent

As for the second version, the volume control has a redesigned interface. This device’s volume is controlled using a slider. Simply select one of the five options for the first generation. 

If the volume on the device is low, pick a louder level. This may be located under the audio settings rather than the tone settings. 

To do so, use the Chime App on your phone or tablet. Since, this is a free app that you can get from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. 

Ring Chime First Generation Model

To make the Ring Chime louder on the first generation, follow the steps below:

  • Open it the app, click “chimes” on the home screen. You’ll see a list of your chime devices there. 
  • For the chime tones, go to your audio settings. There is a selection of tones from which you may choose the one that you believe is the loudest. 
  • Within this function, there is a sliding scale for the tones. Play around with the volume and ring the doorbell to try it out.

Ring Chime Pro

  • On your smartphone or tablet, launch the app. 
  • In the upper left corner of the app, choose “devices.” 
  • Choose the “chime and chime tones” options. 
  • The screen for the control slider will now appear. 

A Personalized Louder Chime  

Some ring bells sounds are naturally louder than others. Fortunately, you can create and store a tone. If you think the pre-installed tones aren’t loud enough, here’s what you can do.

  • Open the dashboard by clicking on the upper left corner of the screen. 
  • Open “Devices”
  • Select “your device.” 
  • Choose “Audio Settings” 
  • Pick your preferred ringtone.

Ways to Increase Volume 

Changing your tone, as previously indicated, may make your doorbell sound louder. You have the option of using a gentle or more audible tone. 

How to Change The Tone on Android App 

To make the Ring Chime louder using an Android phone make sure you have the too, then follow the steps below:

  • First, you open up your device settings. 
  • Then go ahead and click on your alert settings. 
  • You are going to choose “App Alert Tones. “
  • From there, click “Ring Alerts.” Your front door ring notification page will then open. 
  • You are going to want to choose the advanced options feature. When you open this, the sound options will appear.

How to Change The Tone on an iPhone

The steps are similar to the ones in an android. Open the device and select audio options from the menu. You’ll notice all of the sound tones there. 

Specific sound groups will be available in the advanced feature. There are so many tones to choose from! 

The sounds you’ve already downloaded to your device are included in the “my sounds” section. There are also various free apps where you can download free chimes. 

Additional tones in your chime options include: 

  • Classical and Minimal Melodies
  • Celebration Themed Sounds
  • Pixel Sounds 

Among various other sounds that can be played and tested out. Change it and go ring your doorbell as many times as you want! Have fun.

Keep in mind that there are more tone options on the pro version than on the basic ring chime. Thus, the chime pro would be the best choice for optimal loudness settings. 

What Is the Difference Between a Mechanical and a Digital Chime in Terms of Volume? 

So you’re assuming that the volume control is the same whether your gadget is physically or digitally installed, right? Reconsider your position!

Your chime tones are limited and few when your gadget is mechanically mounted. There is no option for selecting a louder tone. Especially since the volume is typically that loud. Downloads are possible with a digital tone, allowing for a more extensive range of tones and loudness.

The bottom line

Now you can adjust the volume of your Ring chime. The chime tones and levels may be adjusted easily, despite the fact that the Ring comes in a range of models.

This further shows Ring’s investment in the better hand of the consumer and thinking about anything and everything.

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