How to share a Nest Cam Live Feed

This article explains how to share a Nest Cam with other people.

You can have your friends and family viewing the same camera at the same time, and that's really cool, isn't it? πŸ™‚

To share your Nest Cam with somebody else, you just need to generate a link and send them an invitation. You can do that using your mobile phone.

It's really that simple.

Let me share some pictures that show how the process is done.

How to share a Nest Cam Video Feed

Here's the step-by-step to share your Nest Cam feed

Open the Nest camera you want to share and click the gear icon.

Share Nest Cam Feed Gear

In the next screen you can share the camera.

As you can see the camera is not shared yet.

Just click the "Not Shared" button to change it to "Shared"

Nest Cam Feed Not Shared

And now it's time to think about security.

You can share the Nest Cam publicly (no password required ) or you can set a password that must be used in order to log in to the camera.

Most of the time people use the share with password option.

Share it with password

Just click the "Agree & Share with Password" button.

The next screen allows you to create a password.

Add a password

And you are done.

Now people will be able to see your Nest camera live stream as long as they have the password, so make sure to share only with people you trust.

Be aware that other can't see the recorded clips, but only live stream.

How to Stop Sharing a Nest Cam Video Feed

Stop sharing the Nest Cam live feed is as easy as to start sharing it.

Just got to the camera sharing screen again and click "Stop Sharing camera".

Nest Cam Share Link

You can use the same method to change the password.

Stop sharing the camera, change the password and share it again.

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You can share a Nest Camera live video stream by simply clicking the sharing button. Make sure to create a strong password and share the link with people.

I hope this article can help you; please share it with your friends.

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