Ubiquiti M2 Message Can’t Connect To This Network [Solved]

I got the message "can't connect to this network" when trying to set up my Ubiquiti M2 (Loco) as an access point. So I had to figure out the problem. 

The solution was very simple and I want to share it with you in this article.

If your computer can't connect to Nanostation

The error may show up for the Ubiquiti Nano Station M2 (2.4 GHz) or M5 (5GHz).

If you have your Ubiquiti Nanostation enabled as an access point but still get an error message connecting to the network, try the following settings.

  • Make sure you are using the 2.4GHz band;
  • Disable the AirMax Mode;
  • Change the channel to 20 MHz.
Ubiquiti channel width 20MHz

These settings work pretty well with most computers and devices that don't support 5GHz or 40MHz because they use outdated hardware or firmware.

Ubiquiti disable the Airmax

The AirMax Mode is used for Ubiquiti devices, so you may disable it to work with computers, mobile phones, and tablets connecting to the access point.

What the difference between 20MHz and 40MHz?

The bandwidth determines how "wide" your broadcasting channel is.

For the 2.4 GHz networks, the default is 20MHz which can carry a certain amount of data, but if you change the settings to 40MHz, the bandwidth available per channel is increased. It's not exactly double the speed, but it gets closer.

As I mentioned before, some devices (such as my old laptop) don't work with 40MHz, so it's better to set up the Nanostation to work with 20MHz.

The big advantage is to maintain compatibility with most devices.

Stability is also something to consider when using 20MHz.

There are a lot of frequency noise and interference in crowded areas and using this the 20MHz channel makes the network more stable.

Of course, you sacrifice a little bit of the speed, but it's OK if it fits your needs.


The message "can't connect to this network" is very annoying.

I've been there, and I didn't like when I see it.

But as you can see,  I could fix it with simple changes in the M2 configuration.

Just go for it and try to change yours.

And please share this article with your friends.

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