How to view Nest Cam on Google Home Hub

Nest Cam

Everyday tasks are made easier with smart home devices and apps. We can keep an eye on what matters to us by using Nest cams, and by linking them with our Google home hub, we can stream video and stay on top of events in our home. Let’s discuss how to view Nest Cam on Google Home Hub.

Syncing the Nest with the Google Home Hub is a straightforward process. You can easily view your Nest cam on the Google Hub Home page. Additionally, by signing into your Nest account with your Google account, the device will automatically sync with the Google Home Hub. 

The plus sign on the left corner of your screen allows you to add a device if it is not found. Otherwise, you can sync the two together freely.

How to find and view Nest Cam on Google Home Hub

Nest cams make watching your home from afar easier, and smart home setups make our lives more manageable. Linked to your Google hub, these devices can be used for live video streaming using voice commands as well.

Before you pair Nest and Google into one, you have to set up, install and connect your camera to ensure it is working properly and can be used.

Setting up Your Google Nest Camera

If you’ve got got a brand new Nest digital digicam or have removed it from the app and need to place it back, you can follow these steps to set it up: 

  1. Download the Nest app or Google Home app from your Google Play Store or Apple Store. 
  2. Launch the app and create an account. Sign in if you already have a Google Account to connect both under one location.
  3. Follow the given instructions on the screen to set up your camera. Some of them might include scanning a QR code on your camera, so have it be accessible.
  4. Lastly, finish up the setup process and place your camera in its location. Lastly, make sure you cover the ground you want to. Don’t be scared to move the camera around to have a better angle.

Before linking the two and being able to view Nest Cam on Google Home Hub, you should make sure that your Nest device is connected to your Wi-Fi and is working correctly.

Link your Nest Camera to the Google Home Hub

By logging into your Google account, you will automatically be able to connect your Nest camera to the Google Home hub and add it to the Google Home app. If you open the app and still can’t find it, restart the app or your device to ensure it does not appear.

The camera isn’t added? 

You will need to add your camera in order to view Nest Cam on Google Home Hub. If you have tried the steps above and are still unsuccessful, do the following:

  1. Launch the Google Home app on your phone or mobile device
  2. Double-check that your information is the one listed on the Google account details. And that your speaker is connected to this account.
  3. If this is the incorrect account, simply log off and log into your other correct account. Check once again it is the correct one.
  4. On the top left corner, select the “+” button.
  5. Once you’re presented with a menu, click “set up device.”
  6. You will be asked what your device will pair with, select Google, and scroll through the available apps; or you can search for “Nest camera.”
  7. Select the Nest logo and log in using your credentials. Enter the confirmation code to complete the entire setup.
  8. Make sure you select on “allow” to complete the process.

Make sure you have linked your devices correctly; check your Google Home Hub page. Your Nest camera should be listed as one of your devices.

Furthermore, another way to verify quickly that you have made the right connection is to just ask your Google to show you.

You can use the following command to ask Google to show you the Nest camera: “Okay Google, show [Nest camera’s name].”

To stop your Google from showing, simply say: “Okay Google, stop.” This will cease any streaming of video.

Adding more cameras

To add more cameras and other devices to your google home hub, follow the exact same steps you did for the Nest. If you’re using another device

Make sure to locate the right app for your device when doing this and log in with the corresponding account.

The bottom line

To view Nest Cam on Google Home Hub, you will need a couple of minutes, and you will follow the steps above. Moreover, there is nothing complicated about this setup.

After the process, you will have access to your Nest camera simply by connecting it with your Google Home Hub making it highly accessible to see.

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