How to turn off the Blue LED on Blink cameras

Smile, you’re on camera! Sometimes, you want your cameras to be unnoticeable, but LED lights on the cameras can make them highly noticeable. Learn how to turn off Blue LED lights on Blink cameras.

Blink camera

Cameras can be great to keep people in check and make them feel that every move they make is being watched. But once in a while, you might need it to be unseen and hidden to see people’s genuine reactions.

Most homes nowadays are equipped with cameras, especially in our front doors. Having a camera placed there strategically can keep people from seeing it and, therefore, catching them in video.

A popular security company, Blink, offers a great selection of cameras. However, their design uses a blue blinking LED light to indicate the activity of the camera. 

Nevertheless, this clearly makes the camera visible, especially at night when the LED will glow. Therefore, it will let thieves know they are being watched.

How to turn off Blue LED lights on Blink camera

Since Blink does not only have one kind of camera, I will go over how to turn off the LED in the following types of cameras.


  • Indoor/ Outdoor
  • Mini
  • XT/ XT2

Indoor/ Outdoor

To turn off the blue flashing LED lights, you will only need your phone or mobile device and access to the internet. You first need to connect to the Blink app and be sure that you are logged into the correct account.

Once you have logged in, you will need to go into the settings for the camera. Select “off” in the “Status LED” option to turn the light off.


The mini is very similar to the indoor and outdoor cameras; however, the Mini differs a little on the given options you have to choose from. The possibilities are more limited towards indoor and outdoor.

Apart from “off,” other options include “on” or “recording.” Recording signifies that the light will activate when the camera begins recording; this includes when motion is detected.

As for the “on” option, it will constantly be a green light to signify the camera is ready, but a blue light if it detects any movements.

To turn the light on, you can follow the same steps and turn it on instead of off. Blink makes it easy and simple at all times to switch it back and forth.

Blink XT2 Home Security Camera


I left the hardest for last, as this one requires manual labor and cannot be fixed from your bed. You will need a few tools and a couple of minutes to get this done.

Unlike the versions that use the app, these cameras require flipping a switch through the inside of the camera. So here are the steps:

You will need a tweezer and a small flat-head screwdriver. Begin by pulling the battery cover off and locate the switch. It should be in the direction of the arrow in the back of the camera. 

Once you locate your camera’s serial number, you will be able to find a small switch beside the number named “REC LED,” just flip the switch off, and you are done.

Remember that the only options for this kind of camera are either “on” or “off.” Now just place all the pieces back and screw the parts together tightly. Place your camera back where it was, and your job is done!

Can’t figure it out how to turn off Blue LED lights on Blink cameras?

It’s alright if you can’t turn off the LEDs; it is not like everyone who owns a camera is a technician. You can always contact Blink through phone or chat to receive further instruction. I will list them in order of how fast they respond.

Before you reach out, I recommend looking at forums for your issue, as many other people may share tips or tricks, so your process is easier.

Calling Blink support will get you in contact with someone who can talk you through and give you information step by step. I believe this is a faster method than chats as you can communicate freely.

Online chatting is the next best thing available which lets you text back and forth with someone and receive information in an orderly method where you can read their responses continuously.

File a ticket with customer support is the last option as it will take one or two business days to hear back from Blink. To file the ticket, use their website and add in your email and name, so they have a method of contact with you.

However, if Blink’s LED light is flashing red, it might be another issue you will have to look into.

The bottom line

Overall, the process to turn off Blue LED lights on Blink cameras is relatively simple, especially since most Blink cameras allow you to disable this feature through the app.

The most you will ever need to change the status of the LEDs is your phone or a screwdriver. But if you need more help in that department, you can always reach out to Blink through online chats, customer support, or a quick phone call.

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