Why is my Nest Camera blinking?

Much like parents can understand their child’s babbling, over time, you will learn the behavior of your Nest Camera blinking colors and understand their numerous LED lights flashing notifications and even varied sounds.

What is the Nest Camera?

Google is setting the bar pretty high with their new Nest indoor and outdoor security camera when it comes to smart home security. 

Nest Cam is equipped with night vision, 1080p resolution, and 6X digital zoom. Such outstanding features make it possible to communicate with a Nest Camera. If your Nest camera’s talk and listen setting is turned on, you may chat through it. 

So, what’s the deal with your Nest camera blinking? Your Nest camera may flash red, green, blue, or yellow, but each blinking indicates a different state for your Nest camera

Curious to crack the code of the variating colors? Read on to learn about the significance behind your blinking Nest Camera.

Different Lights and their meanings– Nest Camera 

A LED light is situated above the lens of every Nest indoor and outdoor camera. The color of the light that blinks might indicate if it is performing well or if it has met a problem. 

Let’s take a closer look at the following colors:

Nest Camera Blinking a Solid Green 

The green light has long been used to communicate that everything is well, and the Nest camera blinking green is no exception. 

If your Nest camera is glowing green, it means it is linked to the internet, and you may access the live video stream. Nothing to worry about there!

Nest Camera Green flashing 

If your Nest camera is blinking or pulsing green, you or a member of your family who is linked to Google Hub, Alexa, or has the Nest App is streaming footage. 

The Green light will not blink if you are streaming videos on your Nest App using your mobile internet. 

Nest Camera Blinking Blue

There are four probable causes for the blue blinking of the Nest camera. All of the causes are simple to comprehend and correct. 

The newest firmware upgrade might be the initial cause of the Nest camera glowing blue. When you turn on your Nest camera after a firmware upgrade, it starts flickering blue. 

It can also be visible when your Nest camera comes back on after a power outage. 

Another reason the Nest camera blinks blue is while it is waiting to be added to a user account. When your Nest doorbell boots up or resets, the blue blinking usually happens as well.

Nest Camera Blinking Red

If your Nest camera’s status light is solid red, it means your Nest camera’s status light isn’t operating properly. For more troubleshooting, it’s best to contact Nest Support. You can also read the article, Nest keeps going offline.

Why is the light on my Nest camera turned off? 

There might be two explanations for your Nest camera‘s lack of light. Your camera is either turned off or not getting power. 

The light turns off when the Nest camera stops recording or transmitting footage. You may also turn off the light manually or set a timer. 

If you believe your camera is turned off, check the power cable to see if it has been detached. 

When you don’t see any light in your status or a ring in your cam, it’s possible that your camera isn’t getting power because the cable has been unplugged or the outlet isn’t giving enough electricity. 

It’s also possible that the Nest Cam is operational, but the status light has been switched off using the Nest App.

Reasons for the Nest Camera blinking 

The Nest Camera includes two lights, each in a distinct location. The first is a little light that indicates the state of the Nest Camera, and the second is an ample ring structure light that surrounds the lens. 

The flashing of various light colors and patterns reveals what’s going on with your Nest Camera. Let’s go over them now.

Status display light

The first light, as we covered, is the one that displays the camera’s status. There are only two lights that should be seen at all times, which are the green ones. Nevertheless, there are two types you should be aware of. 

Solid Green

The green status light indicates that everything is in working order and that your Nest cam is turned on.

Slow Flashing Green

If the green status light is slowly flashing, someone is broadcasting live video using Nest App or third-party solutions like Google Hub or Alexa. This also implies that the video is being streamed. 

However, the status indicator will not turn green if you’re using cellular data to stream video on your Nest App.

The lens 

A Nest Camera has a ring of light around the lens that will instruct and alert you of what is happening. 

For instance, if the Nest Cam is having problems connecting when the light ring blinks yellow five times in a row. This light is often seen during the first setup.  

While it is ready to be linked to the Nest App when the Nest displays a pulsating blue light. 

When the light ring blinks red, it means the camera isn’t receiving enough power to operate. Thus, you must verify the power supply and connect it to a higher-powered outlet.

If you see different problem messages, you should check with customer support and follow their troubleshooting advice.

Settings you can change. 

Some settings that are included in the Nest Camera will alter the lights in the camera.

Change the brightness and sound settings. 

The Nest camera allows you to play around with settings, including changing the brightness of the camera light. Adjusting the brightness of the Nest cam light is a simple process:

  1. Go to the Nest App and pick “setting” from the Home screen to change the light’s brightness. 
  2. Select the status light and pick from High, Low, or Auto, depending on your preferences. 

Turning the Talk and Listen Sound On and Off 

The talk and listen chime is typically beneficial in letting us know when someone is about to speak. If you wish to turn off the tone, however, you must do the following steps: 

  1. Click the settings tab on the Nest App. 
  2. Select the “talk and listen” tone, and then toggle the tone On or Off as desired. 

Google has now released an upgrade for its Nest cameras, Nest Hello, and Dropcams. Users will no longer be able to turn off the status light on certain devices as a result of this update. 

In summary

The Nest Camera blinking is an innovative way for it to communicate with users and makes it easy for troubleshooting needs to be identified. Thus, making it an even more worthy investment. 

Nest’s line of cameras is top of the line and can be seen all over the nation as excellent wireless camera protection both indoors and outdoors. But as long as the lights are green, you are all good.

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