Nest Hello Keeps Going Offline

With today’s increase in technology, the world is slowly becoming a safer place. But we should still be cautious, especially at the entrance of our homes. Let’s talk about why your Nest Hello is going offline. 

One of the most important things to have when you own security systems is reliability. Under various situations, your device should still be working in order to maintain your safety.

But technology isn’t an exact science, so there are bound to be issues along the road. Google Nest Hello can have problems such as going offline. And there are various reasons this can occur, and we will cover all of them in this post.

The leading causes of offline issues of Nest Hello usually come from lack of power, network interruption, environmental implications, or failure to update software.

Nest Cameras

First off…

You should start by checking general issues and quickly fix the issue at hand without getting further into the situation. These should be the first steps you take before you even consider other solutions as to why your Nest Hello is going offline.


The first issue why it would be offline is being disconnected from power, and it simply does not turn on. Therefore, it wouldn’t show video or audio because it cannot turn on. 

If nothing seems to work, you might want to try a different outlet or even a different cable. Issues with one of the two may cause you to replace a perfectly fine device.

In case your device is wired, you might also want to check that the wires are correctly placed before moving on to the other steps.


The second most important thing is a sign that the device is indeed on and working. This is mainly represented by a light that blinks. If the light is off or blinking yellow, the camera is possibly disconnected from power or not on at all. 


If your device runs on batteries, you also have to double-check that they are working correctly and connected to your device to ensure that your device is turned on. It also might be time for a battery change.

Environmental implications

Weathering such as hot and cold temperatures can affect the functions of your device. Leaving it exposed to rain and wind can cause various problems such as clogging the microphone or even damaging the camera.

Sun is another big issue. Having that beam of heat on your device will overheat the systems and create problems for you when trying to use it.

This can also mean not leaving it near a fireplace or a pool. Relocating your Nest device can be helpful in this situation and keep it in a more appropriate place. 

Also, keep in mind that your Nest device might go offline if it gets too cold or hot and even gets permanently damaged. Thus, this is something you should think of before you install it.

Network interruption

If the power isn’t the issue, the connection between your home network and your device might be why your Nest Hello is going offline. Connections being faulty can happen due to the placement of the device inside your home. 

To solve this issue, you can unplug the router, wait a minute and plug it back in. This will reset the connection and should reconnect the network to your device once again. 

You can test your other devices to figure out whether it was the issue with the network or it’s due to your device not being able to connect to it properly.

If you notice that your Nest is not the only device failing to connect in the house, the connection might be the more significant issue, and you should look at the bigger picture and ensure that your network is working correctly.

Restarting your Google Nest is also a great way to give it a starting kick to work. Sometimes it just needs to reconnect to your network from its end. You should also disconnect anything that might interfere with the problem at all.

If your device is having a hard time connecting to the internet you will be limited to what you can do and use your Nest for. For instance, you won’t be able to connect your Nest to Alexa. So fix the issue of the Wi-Fi first.

Outdated software on Google Nest device

It is no secret that outdated software and devices are never good in your home. The bigger issue is when an outdated software keeps your device from working at all.

If you don’t want to constantly check for updates, always make sure that automatic updates are turned on, and that will keep you from missing out on any new features that come into play. 

Factory reset the Google Nest.

If all of the steps above have not worked for your device, factory resetting it is your last option. Keep in mind this will wipe out your device clean as if it was brand new out of the box. 

This does mean that you will need to set up the device from scratch; therefore, you need to save anything worth losing. Make sure you have downloaded and saved any video and/ or audio prior to beginning the reset, so you have everything you need.

The bottom line

Though there might be more than one reason why your Nest Hello is going offline, there are usually various ways around it to fix it. Don’t freak out; it might just be your network breaking a sweat. 

There are tons of factors that can interrupt the connection between your device and the network. If all of the above fails, you can also contact Nest towards your warranty and might receive a brand new device free of charge.

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