Does Fire TV Cube have audio output?

Amazon’s Alexa has been one of the most popular home speakers this decade has seen. From Echo Flex to Show, there is now a Fire TV Cube. Let’s talk about the Fire TV Cube’s audio output.

What is the Amazon Fire TV Cube?

Fire Cube TV

The Cube is a streaming service provided to you hands-free; basically adding the standard Echo with the Fire TV into one. It is an essential pairing we did not know we needed.

Since it is a mix of the Fire Stick and Echo, it makes the need to purchase each one simply obsolete. Instead of investing in the Fire TV or the Echo, you can simply purchase both in one.

Some may claim that the Echo and Fire TV can be paired up to offer more features, which is true. However, not only does the Cube facilitate the connection between the two, but it also allows for a greater range of features to be present.

Additionally, the Cube can be used to play your favorite series and movies by connecting to streaming services. Overall, making it a great addition to your Amazon Alexa collection. 

Furthermore, it uses a gorgeous 4K display to give you full high-definition in the comfort of your home. Giving you that home theater vibe and makes it so much more pleasant to watch your favorite movies.

Lastly, using the Cube will give you total access to your entire TV hands-free. This will create a remote-free environment in your home and allows you to control through voice. Leave the remote finding adventures behind you; with the Cube, you will never have to check between the couch cushions again! 😉 

Fire TV Cube’s audio output

Though the Cube comes with a built-in speaker, it sadly does not bring an audio output. It does use an HDMI cable to connect the audio and offers various other alternatives from the standard sound systems.

The Cube was designed with plenty of attributes, including streaming platforms and access to Alexa. Furthermore, the hands-free usage of your TV makes the watching experience that much better.

And yet, when it came down to the Fire TV Cube’s audio output, Amazon failed to add to its list of exceptional qualities. This does mean that you will not be able to connect speakers and/or systems that work through the audio output. 

Packed with astonishing 4K processing and full support of Dolby services such as Dolby Atmos and Vision; many Amazon fans were disappointed at the lack of thought put into the audio output.

This left loyal Amazon fans with a cliffhanging question, “what does the Fire TV Cube use instead of an audio output?”

What does the Fire TV Cube use instead of an audio output?

Regardless of the lack of the Fire TV Cube’s audio output, it can still be connected to an audio device in two other ways.


As mentioned previously, the Fire TV Cube is fully equipped with an HDMI port that connects to the TV being used; much like the Fire TV stick. However, you can also use the port to connect soundbars and speakers for a more enjoyable experience.

It should be noted that the HDMI cable is not included with the Cube’s purchase; however, you can find it in various online shops for an affordable price.


The second method that can be used is Bluetooth connectivity. Though this is not as reliable as the HDMI cable because it is not directly and physically connected, it is still an excellent choice to use soundbars and speakers. 

Bluetooth 5.0 connection and LE are both included with the Cube, making using systems and devices that have Bluetooth much easier. Furthermore, this can come into play very well with the usage of headphones.

Headphones can be connected to the Cube via Bluetooth to allow you to watch shows and not bother anyone else in the home. This is something that cannot be performed through HDMI; therefore, the presence of the Bluetooth connectivity in the Cube makes up for the lack of audio output, in my opinion.

Apart from that, many companies aim to reduce and even eliminate wires moving forward; hence the addition of Bluetooth certainly makes the Cube worthy.

Do I need a speaker for the Cube?

Not necessarily. As the Cube functions as an Alexa Echo would, it does talk back and has a built-in speaker. The speaker can be used whether the TV is on or off because it functions both to connect the TV’s sound and to reply back to you. If you connect speakers to your device, they too will be controlled hands-free.

The main reason the sound systems are connected to the Fire TV Cube is to amplify the sound and bring better quality audio. This can be used when placing the Cube in an ample space where more audio is needed, as opposed to a small bedroom.

The point is, you do not need to purchase a speaker or sound system for your Cube, but depending on the type of room it will be placed in, you might want the extra purchase of a reliable system.

The bottom line

Overall, the Fire TV Cube’s audio output is definitely something that many are upset about; however, the Cube still presents other methods of connectivity. 

Nowadays, plenty of sound systems and speakers utilize Bluetooth and HDMI Cables as a way of connecting the devices; thus, the lack of audio output in the Fire TV Cube should not be an immense issue.

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