How to add Hikvision camera to TinyCam

In this article, I show how to add Hikvision a camera to the TinyCam app.

I've tested this myself with a Hikvision Mini PTZ model DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3

The picture below shows the camera working in the app.

Hikvision Mini PTZ on TinyCam

Hikvision camera on the TinyCam app

It took me about 10 minutes to figure out the configuration and model to use in the TinyCam app menu, but it finally worked. Here's I explain what I did. 

The free version of the TinyCam app

The free version on the TinyCam app works fine, but there are some limitations, and it's not possible to use the advanced features such as motion detection.

Anyway, it's possible to add the Hikvision camera using the ONVIF protocol.

Later (on another article) I will talk about the TinyCam Pro version.

Prepare the camera to work with the app

Review the Hikvision camera configuration before trying to add it to TinyCam.

Here's what you have to do...

Enable the ONVIF protocol

By default, the ONVIF protocol is not enabled on the latest Hikvision cameras' models, so it's necessary to navigate the menus and turn it on.

Click on "Network  >> Avanced Settings  >> Integration  Protocol  >> Enable ONVIF ".

Hikvision camera enable ONVIF protocol

Note that it's not necessary to enable the Hikvision CGI or change the authentication method. Just leave the way they come by default.

Check the HTTP and RTSP port

Make sure the HTTP and RTSP ports are set to 80 and 554, respectively.

Click on "Network  >> Basic Settings  >> Port ".

Hikvision camera HTTP and RTSP port

Those are the default ports. It's not mandatory to use them this way,

I don't recommend changing the port numbers, anyway, write the information down if you are using different ones for remote access to the camera.

Check the authentication method

The TinyCam app works fine with the DIGEST authentication, which is the default method on the Hikvision cameras. Take a look at your camera configuration.

Click on "System  >> Security  >> Authentication ".

Hikvision camera RTSP and Web Authentication digest

Add the Hikvision camera to the TinyCam app

I assume you have the TinyCam app installed on your smartphone.

If you don't, download it from the Play Store, install it, and follow the steps.

Set up the camera

Open the TinyCam app and click on "Manage cameras".

TinyCam Manage Cameras Button

Click the add button.

TinyCam Add New Camera

Enter the Hikvision camera information, as shown below.

TinyCam Setup info for Hikvision Mini PTZ Camera

Of course, you need to use your camera's IP. But I guess you already know that 🙂

I tried different models until I get the one that works for my setup.

You can try using the same approach for your Hikvision camera.

I have a PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera, but at this moment, I'm not concerned about getting this feature working. My priority now is to test the video streaming.

Test the camera setup

OK, it's time to test the setup.

On the top of the screen, click on "Camera status".

TinyCam Check Camera Status

A new screen pops up with camera information and the live video feed.

The picture below shows my Hikvision Mini PTZ displayed on the app.

TinyCam App Displays Hikvision Camera

Note the resolution, CODEC and the channel.

Channel 1 on the camera is set to use high-resolution (2048 x 1526) and H.265 as the CODEC, which is too much for a smartphone app.

Adjust the camera setup

As soon as I realized the TinyCam app was using the camera's  channel 1, I changed the configuration to channel 2, which uses a different resolution and CODEC. 

Here are the steps to change the channel the app is pulling the video from.

Click the button to edit the camera.

TinyCam Edit Camera

Click on "Advanced settings".

TinyCam Advanced Settings

Change the channel to 2.

TinyCam App change Hikvision Camera-channel

And that's all.

Now the app can use a video streaming that is better for a smartphone.

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Now you know how to add a Hikvision a camera to the TinyCam app.

This article shows the basic idea behind the setup.

Make sure you understand the concept, and then you can apply it to your camera.

Perhaps you need to test different camera models to find each one works better with the camera you have. Please just try to find what works for you.

Please leave your comments below and share the article with your friends.

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