How to reset Hikvision IP camera password via browser

In this article, I explain how to reset Hikvision IP camera password using only a web browser and a reset code automatically generated by an email.

Hikvision camera wrong password message

I lost the password for a Hikvision Mini PTZ camera that I purchased on Amazon.

==> The official password reset process (using the SADP tool) did NOT work because the Hivision support team told me the models sold on Amazon are not supported, so I had to find a new way to reset the camera.

Here's how I could reset the camera password in less the 5 minutes...

How to reset the Hikvision camera via a web browser (step-by-step process)

OK, I assume you understand the basic IP camera installation and already have your Hikvision camera working on your network but lost the admin password.

There are different ways to recover from a Hikvision lost password; I used the method with the web browser and the camera QR code.

Here's the step-by-step to reset the password and create a new one.

  • Open the IP camera login interface via a web browser;
  • Click "Forgot password?"
  • On select mode chose Select "E-mail verification";
  • Click "OK" to accept the recover password privacy policy;
  • Click the button "Export QR Code" and save the picture;
  • Send the QR code to "";
  • Wait 5 minutes to receive the reset code via email;
  • Enter the reset code into the textbox and click next;
  • Create a new password and confirm.

See below the illustration of this process.

Web browser login interface

Here's the login screen where you have to click "Forgot password".

Hikvision camera web browser login

Verification code via e-mail

Choose the verification via email, as shown below.

Hikvision camera email verification

Accept the privacy policy

You just need to click "OK" to confirm you agree with the terms and conditions.

Recover Password Privacy Policy

Export the QR code

Here's the QR code that you must send to the Hikvision recover service.

Click the export button QR code to save the picture in your computer.

Hikvision QR code to recover password

Click the export button QR code to save the picture on your computer.

Send an email with the QR code

You only need to send the picture attached to the email, and the Hikvision system will automatically create a verification code to reset your IP camera.

I used the email "" as the destination address and the phrases "Password recovery" as the subject and email body.

As you can see in the picture below, I attached the QR code picture.

Password recovery email

And then, you need to wait to get the verification code.

The system sends an email back, usually in less than 5 minutes.

Receive the verification code

The verification code arrives in your email.

It's valid for 48 hours.

Password recovery email verification code valid for 48 hours

Set a new password for the camera

And now, it's time to set a new password for your Hikvision camera.

Set New Password for Hikvision camera

Create a password between 8 to 16 characters and confirm.

You should see a message that informs the password was set.

The password is modified

And now, you can log in to your Hikvision camera. Cool, huh?

I can log in to the camera and everything looks great 😉

Hikvision Mini PTZ camera using IR

Yeah, I know. I forgot to change the date. It came that way from the store and I was just testing it out when I forgot the admin password and had to reset it.

Don't worry, the configuration does not change after the password reset.


This article can help you lose the password to your Hikvision camera and can't get support from the official website. It worked for me in minutes.

I don't know why the Hikvision cameras are available on Amazon but are not officially supported by the manufacturer. I guess the reseller is not authorized to distribute the product that way, but the reset process works fine anyway.

I hope this article can help you; please share it with your friends.

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