Are ADT sensors compatible with Ring?

You want to know if ADT sensors are compatible with Ring, right?

Yeah, ADT is very popular in the U.S., and Ring is also getting a lot of popularity in recent years, so more and more people are looking for alternatives to combine these different brands and make them work together.

So, let's answer the question in this article...

Are ADT sensors compatible with Ring?

Wireless ADT sensors are not directly compatible with Ring; however, you can use the retrofit kit to have the wired ADT alarm system working with Ring.

Yes, wired ADT sensors work with Ring because you just need to wire them to the Ring panel. So you are basically using the sensor's dry contact.

Be aware that the ADT wireless system doesn't work with Ring because they use incompatible proprietary communication protocols.

How to connect ADT sensors to the Ring alarm panel

You can connect ADT and other wired sensors to the Ring Alarm Panel.

Here's the step-by-step process:

  • Locate the old alarm panel;
  • Label sensor wires connected the terminals;
  • Remove the sensor wires from the terminals;
  • Connect the sensor wires to the Ring alarm panel.
  • Set up your Ring alarm system.

It's that simple.

You just need to pay attention to the details and connect the wires correctly.

The following picture show an wired sensor connected to the old alarm panel.

Alarm panel sensors

Door sensors connected to the alarm panel

You can label the wires before removing them just to make sure you know which one to connect to the Ring Alarm panel.

The picture below shows the Ring Alarm Panel terminals.

Ring sensor connectors

Ring Retrofit Kit Alarm Panel 

You just need to remove the wires from one panel and connecting to the other. 

Read the Ring retrofit kit user manual to make sure the the wiring is correct.

Test to make sure the system is working

After connecting the wired sensors to the Ring alarm panel you need to follow the standard setup process and then test the system to make sure it's working.

Test the wires zones

It's necessary to ensure that the wired contact sensor zones have a closed loop.

You can use a multimeter to test these loops.

Close the doors and windows and put the multimeter to read resistance.

Here's the step-by-step process.

  • Use the alarm diagram do identify the zones;
  • Remove a pair of wires (contact zone) from the alarm panel;
  • Use the multimeter to measure the resistance;
  • The multimeter may shows resistance between 0 and 5200 ohms.

The OL (Open Loop) indication shows up in the Ring system if the zone test failed.

 Check if you have all doors and windows closed and try again.

If the error persists, then there is an issue within that specific zone.

If that's the case review the wires connection or try to use another wired sensor.

I hope this article can help you; please share it with your friends.

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