Blink camera live view failed (solved)

A Blink camera is an excellent home security equipment that enables remote monitoring of security systems. But here is what to do if Blink camera live view fails.

What is Blink? 

Blink is an Amazon-owned firm that develops easy-to-use home security systems for domestic usage. It was founded in 2014 by Immedia Semiconductor in Massachusetts and has since grown into a rapidly expanding business.

Blink’s cameras are popular because of their simple features and ability to connect to any mobile device to get security warnings. Receiving notifications immediately to your smartphone via the ‘Live View’ function is one of the most outstanding features. 

However, it, like all technology, can fail at times. According to Blink customer service, the most common causes of Live View failure are connection and low battery. 

To begin, use only lithium-ion AA batteries and make sure they are fully charged. 

Second, there are a few basic ways to troubleshoot and restore connectivity to address connectivity difficulties. 

We’ll look at the Blink company and offer troubleshooting advice for Blink camera live view fail.

Products by Blink 

Blink now has three cameras and additional accessories, all focusing on home security, with the new Blink Video Doorbell launch. 

Their security camera packages include 1080p full HD video, two-way audio, temperature monitoring, infrared night vision, and, most crucially, motion detection alerts.

The cameras are also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa smart home system, allowing you to see live video feeds and receive motion detection notifications on any Amazon Echo speaker. 

The cameras may be hardwired, solar-powered, or battery-powered, with Blink’s cameras lasting up to two years on two lithium-ion batteries. 

Home security cameras options from Blink:

  • Wireless Indoor Camera
  • Plug-in Indoor Camera
  • Wireless Outdoor Camera
  • Floodlight Outdoor Camera
  • Solar Panel Mount Camera
  • Video Doorbell 

Viewing in Live time with Blink cameras

All of their cameras include wireless connectivity and have a Live Monitor, which allows customers to view a camera stream from a mobile device at any time. 

Blink’s Home Monitor app is required for Live View, and once installed, customers may stream live video and sound from any of their Blink cameras as needed. 

The “Two-Way Audio” function on all Blink cameras allows you to communicate with anyone being observed. You may use the app to access extra functions like video recording and toggling between cameras in different sections of the house.

Blink camera live view fails– Troubleshooting.

When Live View isn’t working properly, there are a few common culprits. 

Fortunately, most Blink cameras have an adjustable LED indicator light that lets you know when there’s a problem with the video. 

Status of the LED indicator light 

The LED in the Blink camera can let you know what is happening and how you should go about fixing it. Below is a list of possibilities for the LED colors, so you are aware of the issue:

  • The presence of a solid blue LED light shows that your Blink camera is recording and functioning. 
  • A solid red LED signifies that there is a connection issue. 
  • The Blink mini-red camera’s light indicates that it is not connected to the internet. 
  • You’ll see a red flashing light when you initially turn on your Blink camera. This means you’re configuring wifi connection. 
  • A red LED light will appear on the right-hand side of the camera face when new batteries are inserted. 
  • The LED light flashes red 5 or 6 times after the blue recording light goes out while the batteries are failing. 
  • When the camera detects motion, a quick red flash will appear. 

Now that we’ve figured out what each of the LED status lights means, let’s look at the common causes of Blink camera live view fails and how to resolve them swiftly.

Low-battery warning 

Blink cameras offer a long battery life of up to two years and are simple to set and forget. If your cameras aren’t operating correctly, check the batteries first; if your camera’s red LED blinks sometimes, it’s time to change the batteries. 

Blink recommends only using high-quality AA lithium-ion batteries to power their cameras, and many users have encountered problems with other types of batteries (alkaline or rechargeable).

Inadequate wireless connections 

Blink camera live view fails

All of Blink’s cameras use wireless connections to process, record, and transmit video and audio to storage or your mobile device. When a camera is unable to connect to the internet, it will not be able to record and will display a solid red LED warning. 

The camera may be too far away from a wifi hub, causing connectivity troubles. To resolve the problem, consider moving the camera closer to the wifi source or sync module, or vice versa, by moving the router near the camera.

I recommend clicking the reset button on your sync module or camera if your camera has previously operated in the same place and has only lately experienced connectivity troubles. 

It could be a good idea to restart your router simultaneously, as it might be an issue on either side.

Blink camera reset 

Because most Blink cameras contain a reset button meant to repair issues, resetting a Blink camera is simple. 

The reset button is located under the cover on the rear of Blink indoor and outdoor cameras. As for the Blink Mini camera, the reset button is located on the underside of the device, near the camera lens. 

Press and hold the reset button with a paperclip for around 10 seconds. The state of the LED light will change (to blinking red) after the camera has been properly reset and is ready to be reconnected. 

If the red lights continue to flash, contact Blink customer service as your gadget may be malfunctioning.

Sync Module should be reset. 

An ‘off and on’ approach works well here to get you quick results. To reset a Sync Module:

Remove the power supply for roughly 20 seconds before performing a hard reset of the sync module, then reattach the sync module to the power source. 

If this doesn’t work, try the following steps to reset the sync module: 

The reset button is located near the USB port on the right side of the module. Hold down the reset button until the module’s red light glows. 

Remove your finger from the button when you see the red light. 

An alternate LED light flashing green and then blue should be seen. 

Your sync module has been reset and is now ready to connect to a camera.


Connectivity difficulties on your Blink camera or device may arise from time to time, preventing you from utilizing Live View. You can simply troubleshoot and diagnose your camera with the help of this article. 

Our hints will show you how to resolve any Live View issues and get your home security equipment to harmonize with your wireless connection and mobile devices.

And now you know what to do if your Blink camera live view fails!

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