Is Wyze Cam ONVIF compliant ?

Is the Wyze cam ONVIF compliant? This is the question that many users bring to the Wyze forum for many years. So let's talk about that in this article...


What is ONVIF ?

ONVIF is a standard protocol used to interconnect surveillance cameras, access control devices and software from different manufactures.

By using such protocol it's possible to send the video from an IP camera to a recorder even if they have different brands,

Nowadays, most IP security cameras and cloud services are ONVIF compatible.

==> To learn more about this protocol, read the article What is ONVIF and also the article ONVIF protocol, the benefits and drawbacks.

There's no plan to implement ONVIF on the Wyze Cameras

To date, still there's no plan reported by the Wyze labs team to update the products to become compatible with the ONVIF protocol.

Users are asking for such implementation over the years but until now it's not possible to make the camera communicate with other ONVIF compatible devices.

The ONVIF alternative for the Wyze Cameras

There's another protocol called RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol).

By using the RTSP protocol it's possible to stream videos from the Wyze Cam to software and platforms developed by different companies .

Software like Blue iris use this protocol to communicate with the IP cameras.

Instead of using ONVIF you can implement the RTSP protocol as a solution to stream the video from the Wyze Cam to third-party software or platform.

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Even if a Wyze cam is not ONVIF compliant, you can make it work with third-party software by using the RTSP protocol and that's an interesting solution.

Perhaps in the future the ONVIF will be implemented in the Wyze Cameras.

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