How to view the Wyze Cam on a browser

I've seen a lot of people searching about how to view the Wyze Cam on a browser. 

At first, you use only the Wyze App to connect directly to the camera; however, I found an alternative solution that allows you to view the Wyze Cam via browser.

The solution requires a little bit of work, but you can get it done  in 10 minutes.

The solution to view the Wyze Cam via Browser

You can use a computer with free software as Media Server to convert the video stream from the Wyze Cam to a WebRTC video stream that is playable on popular Web Browsers such as Google Chrome and others.

The diagram below illustrated the idea.

Wyze Cam Streaming to a web browser

As you can see, the Wyze Cam sends the video stream to the Media Server (a computer running free software), which allows you to connect via a web browser.

To implement this solution is necessary to enable the RTSP on your camera. Please read the article How to install the RTSP firmware in the Wyze Cam.

I've tested this type of technology using the Unreal Media Server software, and it works pretty fine. Keep reading to learn how to get everything working.

Test the Wyze Cam RTSP stream

IP cameras use the RTSP protocol to stream video to different platforms. This protocol is available in the Wyze Cam (as long as you install the RTSP firmware).

I'm assuming you already read my other article and have the RTSP enabled. 

Before implementing the solution with the media server, let's test the video stream from the Wyze Cam to a standard software such as VLC Player.

Grab the RTSP URL from your camera in the advanced settings menu.

The picture below shows the details.

Wyze Cam Settings RTSP
Wyze Cam RTSP command

Once you have the command, you can use the VLC software to test it.

Open the VLC software and click on Media >  "Open Network Stream".

VLC Menu

Enter the RTSP command you got from your Wyze Cam in the previous step

Wyze RTSP command on VLC

Click the  "Play" button to check if the video loads correctly.

You should see the live video from your camera, just like the picture below.

Wyze Cam Live in the VLC software

OK, the first part is done. Your Wyze Cam  is running via VLC software.

Now it's time to set up the Media Server and get the camera working via browser.

Install the WebRTC free software 

Here's the step-by-step on how to set up the software to work with the WebRTC technology. Don't worry; you can download it for free. Just follow the steps below.

1. Download free Unreal Media Server

2. Install the software

Unteal Media Server Installation 01
Unteal Media Server Installation 02
Unteal Media Server Installation 03
Unteal Media Server Installation 04
Unteal Media Server Installation 05
Unteal Media Server Installation 06

3. Create a rebroadcast. Click the "Rebroacast live RTM/RTSP/WebRTC/MPEG-TS/HSL.MMS stream"

Unteal Media Server New Live Broadcast
Unteal Media Server New Broadcast Rebroadcast

4. Enter the IP RTSP URL, Username and Password and specify an alias (name) for this broadcast, like "Samsung" and then Click the "OK" button.

WebRTC software config

6. Visit the Unreal Media WebRTC demo player webpage.

7. Click CTRL+S and save this webpage as HTML only. 

8. Open that HTML page in Notepad or other editor;

9. Go to line 44.;

10. Replace "" with your computer IP address,

11. Replace "livedemocam" with the alias you used (i.e., "Wyze");

12. Replace port 80 with 5119;

13. Save that HTML page.

14. Open that webpage in a web browser.

After following these steps, you may see the video live from the camera.

I know it's a lot of steps, so I got a picture below to show you the details.

WebRTC File configuration

( click to enlarge )

As you can see, the configuration file has the Alias, Computer's IP and port.

Please pay close attention to the configuration to get it right.

It's NOT the camera's IP and it's NOT the camera port number. 

The alias must be exact the way you entered before in the software configuration in the step number 4 (Live Broadcast Alias). Please check these details.

And it's done.

Save this file with the .html extension so you can open it in a web browser.

WebRTC Html File

Double-click the file and you should see your Wyze Cam live in the web browser.

Wyze Cam via Web Browser

Now you need to test it out and then move to the next step to see on a website.

How see the Wyze via Web browser in the Internet

Let's see how to stream the video from the Wyze camera to the Internet.

There are 3 simple steps you can follow.

  1. Edit the .html file to use the router's external IP;
  2. Create new rules on the Windows firewall;
  3. Configure your router for port forwarding.

Here's the first step...

1. Edit the .html file

Get the router's external IP address insert  it on the .html file.

WebRTC File configuration for external access

(Click to enlarge)

The router's external IP address is available in the setup , or you can use the IPChicken website to show what the IP you are using at a given time.

2. Open the ports on the Windows firewall

Launch the Windows Firewall and create new rules for ports 5119 and 5135.

See the picture below.

Unteal Media Server Windows Firewall

( click to enlarge )

3. Set up port forwarding in the router

Log in to your router and create rules to forward the traffic to the ports 5119 and 5135. The requests must be redirected to the Media Server's IP.

Router Port Forwarding-for-Wyze-Cam-on the Internet via WebRTC

( click to enlarge )

And it's done.

Depending on your router's model, the port forwarding menu should be in a different place, but the idea is to create the rules, as shown in the picture.

Now, get a second computer, a laptop or a mobile phone that is connected to the Internet and open the .html file in a web browser. 

You should see the live video from your camera via the Internet.

Wyze Cam via Web Browser

Now, let's see how to stream an IP camera to a website.

How to stream theWyze Cam to a website via WebRTC or Websockets

You can have the .html file on your website with an extra step.

Upload the file you've created before to your siteand use the URL to load the video from your Wyze Cam.

As long as you .html file is in place in your site and the computer running the WebRTC is online in your network, you can see your Wyze Cam via the Internet.


Now you know how to stream video from your Wyze Cam to a web browser.

It's necessary to use an computer as a "man in the middl " and work carefully carefully in the configuration, but in the end of the day, it works.

I hope this article can help you; please share it with your friends.

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