Control4 vs Savant (which one is better?)

Let's talk about Control4 vs Savant and compare which one is better.

Control4 VS Savant

As you may know, Control4 and Savant offer home automation solutions that allow you to control your lights, thermostat, shades, security cameras, HVAC, etc., from a display on your wall or from a mobile app on your cellphone or tablet.

If you wonder which home automation system is better for you, please keep reading this article to find out the main differences between them.

Price comparison

OK, let's start by comparing the prices between Control4 and Savant.

If you are looking for a home automation system that is good and affordable, I have to say that Control4 is the one to go for. The price tag is lower for this solution. 

New residence automation usually costs 25% more if you use a Savant system. The overall price is higher because the video switches and other devices used by Savant are more expensive than the Control4 alternative.

Savant also uses Apple devices such as the iPod Touch and Mac Mini as part of the automation system, which makes the prices go even higher


Control4 is aggressively moving towards integration with other devices, and it's compatible with most popular brands such as Nest, SonosAlexaLutron, LG, Honeywell, and other third-parties devices available in the market.

Control4 Integration

Control4 Integration (source: Control4 Website)

Savant also integrates with third-party products; however, the process is a little bit slow comparing to its competitor because there's a rigorous method of testing and homologation to guarantee that the integration works as expected.

Home automation companies like the Control4 because it's a good solution for customers who already have smart devices at home (such as LutronAlexa and Nest) and want to have them all working with a high-level automation system.

Wireless Application

Sometimes it's hard to pull cables everywhere to get an automation system working, especially for the old homes and established offices.

That's why everybody loves wireless systems, and both work with such technology; however, Control4 is again a little bit more aggressive in wireless technology integration. That's an extra point for this brand that allows us to use fewer cables.

Audio & Video Applications

Users report that the audio and video experience is much better with Savant.

The user interface is much more interesting, intuitive, and easy to use when compared to Control4, which emulates the remote control on the screen.

Savant Multimedia App Control

Savant User Interface (source: Savant website)

If you want to have a fully automated conference room or a movie theater at home, Savant offers the best and intuitive solution to meet your needs.

Savant has flawless integration with the best audio and video conferencing devices, so you can have the best home theater the money can buy. Cool, huh? 🙂

Lights, Temperature and Security Control

If you are looking for a better solution to control your lights, thermostat, and security cameras, Control4 is the big player you should consider as a solution.

Of course, Savant can also give you a solution for that type of integration, but if you already have some DIY home integration system, Control4 is easier to deploy.

User experience

Savant is by far the best one for user experince

The interface is awesome, and most people that use it fall in love right away.

Savant App

Savant App - Light Color Adjustment (source: Savant website)

If you plan to automate a new home, hotel, or business place that still doesn't have any smart home devices, you can use Savant to impress every user.

With Savant, you don't need to drill down into a menu system to get what you want since the interface is designed to let you navigate the easiest way possible, compared to Control4, which leads you to different submenus.

Remote Control

Both remote controls are great; however, there is a difference in price and design.

Control4's remote control is cheaper than Savant's, but users can have a better experience with the touch screen and voice control available in Savant's one.

Please don't get me wrong, Control4's remote is easy to use but does not have the same beautiful design that impresses the user the first time it sees one.

If your customer likes a fancy and beautiful remote control, Savant is the way to go.


So, is Control4 better than Savant?

I wouldn't say that. In the Control4 vs Savant comparison, there are a lot of different factors to consider depending on the solution the customer expects.

You may consider which is essential for your specific application before deciding which automation system is better since both of them have good things to offer.

If budget is a problem, Control4 may be a good solution for you because you can have a fully automated house, office or business with a lower price tag.

The same is true for compatibility with DIY automation systems; if the customer wants to keep the existing smart devices, Control4 is the system you may consider.

You can use Savant for new projects that require flawless integration (with Savant homologated devices) and a better user experience.

Savant is also recommended for great audio and video automation experience.

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