Disney Plus stuck on Who’s watching screen (solved)

OK, you got your Disney Plus stuck on Who's watching screen, right?

Yeah, I've been there, and it's really frustrating. 🙁

This awful screen stays there endless...

Disney Plus Stuck on Who's Watching Screen

This problem usually shows up on the Amazon Fire Stick TV and sometimes it may be possible to get the same issue in a Roku TV. Either way, you can fix it.

Alright. I'm here to give you a definitive solution to this problem.

I've tried different things (recommended by the Disney Plus staff), but they didn't work until I got a little more technical and got results right away.

So, the terrible screen you see above suddenly changed to the one you see below.

Disney Plus Whos Watching Screen Working

If you are struggling with this Disney + Who's Watching Screen, it's time to follow  my instructions to get it working (It's not that non-sense reboot devices stuff).

Let's cut to the chase.

How to fix the Disney Plus stuck on the Who's Watching screen with a click of a button

Let's discuss about things you've already done and still have to do to fix the issue.

Things you probably already did

I assume you already have your Fire TV stick or Roku TV working correctly with the other Apps such as Netflix, YouTube, etc. Which means the network is OK.

You may also already tried to update the Fire Stick, Reboot it, re-install the Disney + App. and reboot. But nothing seems to work, right? So here's the next step.

The last thing to fix the Disney Plus issue

After changing a small configuration on my Internet router, the Who's Watching screen disappeared immediately. That was super fast and easy.

The solution is just to turn off the automatic IPV6 protocol. That's it.

I don't want to get too technical here, but just as a quick (and superficial) explanation, the IPV6 protocol was designed to replace the IPV4 protocol on networks around the world. However, we are not there yet.

So, your router and devices are still using the IPV4 protocol, and you can disable the IPV6 one without a problem. (Actually, that will fix your Disney Plus issue).

The process may vary depending on the router you are using.

The picture below shows the process in a Netgear Wi-Fi Router.

Netgear IPv6 Menu Disable Firewall

As you can see in the picture, these are the steps to fix the problem.

  1. Login to your Internet router;
  2. Go to the Advanced Advanced Setup IPV6 menu;
  3. Change the IP Address Assignment to DHCP Server);
  4. Disable the IPV6 Firewall Protection;
  5. Save the configuration.

In this router, there's no option to disable the IPV6 protocol, and that's the reason we change it to get the address from a DHCP server.

If you have a Motorola router, there's an option to disable the IPV6 firewall.

That may also solve the Disney Plus problem. It worth a try.

Motorola IPV4 and IPV6 Protection

And it's done.

Launch the Disney + App

Now you can come back to the main screen, stop and star the Disney+ App.

Here are the steps.

  1. Go to the Applications menu;
  2. Click on Manage Installed Applications;
  3. Selec the Disney + App;
  4. Click the Force stop button;
  5. Click the Launch application button;
  6. Wait for the App to Launch.

And it's done.

See the pictures below for a quick reference.

Fire Stick Application Button
Fire Stick Manage Installed Applications
Fire Stick Disney Plus App
Fire Stick Force Stop Disney Plus App
Fire Stick Launch Disney Plus App
Disney Plus Whos Watching Screen Working
Disney Plus App working on Firestick

That's pretty cool, huh ?

It's so good to stop seeing the "Who's watching" screen, isn't it?

I hope this process works for you.

But just in case it doesn't, I have an extra thing you can do.

An extra procedure to fix the issue

I've seen some problems related to the Disney Server Ports communication.

Technical stuff aside, if the IPV6 process didn't work, enable the UPnP feature.

Here's the step-by-step.

  1. Login to your Internet router;
  2. Go to Advanced > UpnP > Turn UpnP On;
  3. Save the configuration.

The picture below shows the configuration details in a Netgear Router.

Netgear Router UPnP

The process is very similar in a Motorola router.

Just look for the UPnP feature.

It's usually in the Advanced Router menu.

Motoola Enable UPnP

That should do trick.

I think you can share this information with your friends, right?

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Alright, now you have the solution for the annoying Disney Plus stuck on Who's watching screen issue, and I hope you can get things working again.

I've written this article with more details as possible, but please call the Disney Plus technical support team if something still doesn't work for you.

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