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Why is my Ring not picking up deliveries?

Ring Smart Doorbells are purchased as an extra safety feature. Thus, when it stops working, it compromises your home. This article will answer the question: Why is it that my Ring Doorbell isn’t picking up deliveries at my front door?  Whether you live alone or have a family, Ring fits your life and needs. Some […]

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Ring Doorbell keeps Ringing – (Solved)

You expect a new level of protection when you install a Ring Doorbell. Its purpose is to aid you and let you know who is at your front door. But now your Ring Doorbell keeps ringing! Let’s learn how to fix it. Ring devices are, without a doubt, high-quality equipment. What you don’t expect are […]

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Is the Ring Camera Compatible with Vivint?

In the area of smart home security, Vivint and Ring are two of the most well-known brands. But is the Ring Camera Compatible with Vivint? Learn more in this article.  Vivint features state-of-the-art, customizable security systems, and 24/7 monitoring services at a cheap monthly charge. While Ring has a choice of superb smart home security […]

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Why is Firestick Flashing Blue?

Amazon’s Fire Stick brings more to the table than any of us expected. But sometimes these gadgets need to communicate with you. So why is your Firestick flashing blue?  It’s hard to believe, but streaming sticks like the Amazon Firestick didn’t exist even ten years ago. Now there are various streaming sticks on the market […]

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Ring Video Doorbell 2

How Can I Make The Ring Chime Louder?

You’ve got your ring gadget set up and ready to go. It is installed correctly, and it is everything you wanted it to be. This post will explain how to make the Ring Chime louder. This is a basic fix.  Isn’t the Ring a great addition to your home? Now you get to see who […]

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How to remove ADT Window and Door sensors

Window and door alarm sensors from ADT are an excellent method to keep your house safe and secure. Whether someone is trying to break in or a kid attempts to sneak out, you’ll know. Let’s go over the process of Removing ADT Window and Door Sensors. However, one of them may be broken at some […]

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Is Nest Y Lock Waterproof?

Upgrading your house to a smart home, mainly if you use Nest, is a thrilling experience. However, there are several important aspects to consider as you proceed down this path. This post will answer the question: Is Nest Y Lock Waterproof? Waterproof, Water Resistant, and Water Repellent: What’s the Difference?  If you’re not aware, these […]

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Do ADT sensors work with Ring?

The Ring company is becoming increasingly popular with its brand new devices full of features and various attributes. But in the security industry, compatibility is the name of the game. Which leads loyal ADT customers to a question: Do ADT sensors work with Ring? Why is compatibility important? Like a business, security systems have to […]

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How to turn off the ADT alarm system without code?

As an adult, you learn that it is easier to forget things time and time again. After a whole day of work, you might find that you forgot your ADT alarm code! This post will cover how to turn off the ADT alarm system without the code. There are various reasons why a homeowner might […]

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How to Dim Honeywell T9 Thermostat

Honeywell T9 Thermostats are made to regulate your home’s temperature, not to function as a light bulb. Especially in the dark or at night, the thermostat can seem overly bright. This post will teach you how to dim Honeywell T9 thermostat. Instead of shielding your eyes while you walk by, you can simply learn how […]

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