Are ADT cameras good?

ADT is one of the most popular security companies in the USA. It’s been around close to 150 years and has millions of clients around the country using its alarm system and security cameras. With the increasing number of competitors in the market offering security cameras as well, people are raising the question, Are ADT […]

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Apple Airpods

How to change ownership of my AirPods

In this article, I talk about how to change the Apple AirPods ownership?With so many new product launches, people tend to sell their old stuff just to get the most updated version of a product, and with that comes the need to prepare the old device for sale and wipe all the data.Let’s take a […]

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Lux Pro Thermostat

Luxpro Thermostat Issues (Solved)

In this article, I talk about how to solve Luxpro Thermostat problems.There are some common issues associated with this thermostat that you can fix yourself by just following some tips available here.Let’s talk about thermostat Reset, Forgotten Lock Code, and Blank screen.The Luxpro Thermostat is not workingSuppose your Luxpro Thermostat is not working at all, […]

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Google Home

How to update the Google Home

Let’s take a look at how to update your Google Home.The procedure described in this article applies to the traditional Google Home, Google Nest Hub smart, Home Max, Nest Mini, and Nest Audio.Time to dive into the updates….How to update the Google HomeMost devices have an interface with a menu with a button to check for the latest firmware or […]

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ADT Battery Replacement Cost

Nowadays, electricity is needed to run everything, even cars. But to power many of our home security devices, we need to use batteries. Let’s talk about the cost of replacing ADT batteries. Sadly, batteries cannot last a lifetime, though we wish they could. This is the reality for many gadgets in our home due to […]

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How to Record Longer on the Wyze Cam

Does WYZE record all the time?

Before purchasing my first Wyze camera, I was looking for an answer to the question, “Does Wyze record all the time?”.If I had such a question before getting my Wyze cam, I’m sure other people are looking for that answer as well, so I decided to write this article.Here’s the quick answer. Yes, Wyze camera […]

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Nest Camera

How to share a Nest Cam Live Feed

This article explains how to share a Nest Cam with other people.You can have your friends and family viewing the same camera at the same time, and that’s really cool, isn’t it? 🙂To share your Nest Cam with somebody else, you just need to generate a link and send them an invitation. You can do […]

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Echo Dot 3rd Genartion

How to Connect your Smartphone to Amazon Echo via Bluetooth

You can use your Amazon Echo Speaker connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.This article explains how to control music from your smartphone to the Echo speaker even if you don’t have Wi-fi available or don’t want to use it.It’s also possible to connect the Echo device to a powerful Bluetooth speaker to better sound. How cool […]

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Nest Cam

How to stream a Nest camera to a Google Chromecast

Sometimes the small screen on the smartphone is not enough to see the details from the camera. That’s why I decided to write this article on how to stream a Nest camera to a Google Chromecast.Yeah. I like Nest cameras because they have good quality and work with Google Assistant, so let’s see how it […]

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Wireless Translator Options and configure button

How to connect wired sensors to ADT wireless alarm system

Do you want to connect wired sensors to a ADT wireless alarm system?You are not alone since a lot of people have the same concern when migrating from other alarm systems that were installed using only wired sensors.In this article, I go over this interesting topic. Just keep reading…How to convert a wired alarm to […]

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