Does Ring Alarm Work Without Internet?

Would you like to know if your Ring Alarm works without internet? Let’s take a look at it in this article.

What happens to your security system if your internet connection is lost due to a power outage or severe weather? Will your Ring Alarm still function for you to call for assistance if your Internet connection repeatedly connects and disconnects? 

Ring Alarm works without internet

The Ring Alarm works without internet– Myth or fact?

Your Ring Alarm will stay armed even if you lose power or internet access. The system can continue to monitor your house even if there is a power outage, thanks to the base station’s cellular and battery backup. 

You must have a Ring Protect Plus subscription to use the cellular backup mechanism.

Is an Internet connection needed for Ring Alarm to work? 

Yes. Ring Alarm is made to protect your house using a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. But in the event that the Base Station loses power or its internet connection, your device will continue to function for around 24 hours using the cellular backup system. 

This will only happen if you have a Ring Protect Plus plan; otherwise, the system will be down and cannot function.

Mobile Cellular Backup

The Ring Protect Plus Plan includes the Cellular Backup, which is compatible with AT&T’s LTE network. This backup plan is available to everyone and works regardless of whether you are an AT&T customer. 

Whether the base station was intentionally disconnected or there was a power outage, a backup cellular system activates when there is a lack of power. 

You will receive SMS, email, and app notifications when the Base Station is working off the backup cellular system. Your system may maintain a connection to Ring Alarm’s professional 24/7 monitoring by using the cellular backup. 

Backup Battery 

Any time there is a power outage, the Base Station’s battery backup will activate. 

The base station will continue to monitor your sensors and deliver warning signals after it switches to a battery backup, but it will turn off all other capabilities to conserve battery life. 

When the Base Station is using its battery backup, the battery symbol will glow yellow. Additionally, you will receive notifications, and the Base Station information tab in the Ring app will display them. 

A Ring Protect Plan is not necessary for Battery Backup.

Battery Life of a Ring Alarm Security System 

The battery life is displayed on each Ring device that is a component of the Ring Alarm Security System. You can find out their battery levels by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the Ring App on your smartphone.  
  2. Find “Menu” on the top left and then choose “Devices.”
  3.  Followed by “Alarm Base Station” 
  4. Now select the device you wish to verify the battery level for. 

Battery Status will show you the current battery level for each device. The colors signify variating battery percentages; take a look at their meaning below:

  • Green indicates a healthy battery level (100 percent) 
  • Yellow indicates a low battery level (25 percent) 
  • Red indicates a warning level (10 percent) 
  • A line through red indicates no battery (0 percent) 

The battery can last up to three years, according to Ring, depending on usage or if you live in a cold temperate area.

Speaking of charging, if your Ring doorbell not charging, check out our other article so you can fix it in no time!

Ring System Components

The following is a list of the various components that go into building a Ring Alarm system. Check them out below:

Ring Alarm Base Station

The Ring Alarm Base Station is your Ring alarm’s hub or brain. Although it is intended to be plugged into an outlet, it also features an internal rechargeable battery with 24-hour battery life. 

Ring Alarm Keypad

Your Ring Alarm security system may be easily activated and disabled with the Ring Alarm keypad. The keypad has two power options: an internal rechargeable battery or AC power. 

Ring claims that the battery may last up to 7 months depending on use and power-saving settings. 

Ring Alarm Motion Detector

Pets weighing less than 50 pounds are supposed to be ignored by the Ring Alarm Motion Detector. A 3v Lithium battery supplies and powers the motion detector. 

Placed in entrance points like your windows and doors, Ring Alarm Contact Sensors detect motion and alert you. 

Ring Alarm Range Extender

If you have a big house, the Ring Extender gives you extra security coverage and gets rid of dead zones. By using this gadget, you can extend the security of your home to its perimeters and can be beneficial to your home security. 

In case of a power outage or unplugging, it also contains an inbuilt rechargeable battery with a 22-hour battery life. 

Ring Alarm Panic Button

If an emergency occurs within your house, you may use the Ring Alarm Panic Button to activate it right away. It uses an included 3V Lithium battery.

Component conclusion

Though not all components work, Ring Alarm works without internet and, more importantly, without power. In cases like power outages, the components with battery life can be critical in keeping your home safe.

Thus, it is an incredible investment to safe-keep your home even in the worst times. If you have no power, you will have a battery life of 22-24 hours for most components before the batteries need to be replaced or it is connected to power again.

Ring Protect Plan: Is it worthwhile? 

Personally, yes. I think it’s worthwhile, especially considering the cellular backup, professional monitoring, snapshots, and 60-day cloud recording. 

Some customers who either canceled their subscriptions or let them expire had slower live feed connections and lost the ability to record videos. 

Heavily consider the Ring Protect Plus Plan if you are away from home for most of the day. If something unexpected happens, like a power outage or a security danger, at least you’ll be at ease. 

You get a backup system with the Ring Protect Plan, which will keep you secure at all times. Plus, your Ring Alarm works without internet, which only adds to your safety, and your home’s protection.

What happens if I don’t pay a Ring Protect Plan subscription? 

Without the Ring Protect Plus Plan, you won’t have Cellular Backup, and none of your footage, photos, or other content will be captured or kept in the cloud. 

Therefore Ring Alarm works without internet only if you pay the monthly membership required by Ring. Otherwise, you will not have cellular data included with your devices.

You will be responsible for keeping an eye on your home’s security and not relying on Ring Alarm Professional Monitoring services. Plus, you wouldn’t have access to the majority of its security features. 

Without a membership, how can I use a Ring? 

You will need to receive push notifications on your smartphone in order to be informed when there are any security hazards near your home if you do not subscribe to the Ring Protect Plan. 

Additionally, you’ll lose your cellular backup but keep your battery backup. You may utilize Live View and two-way conversation to talk to someone if there are any detections near your house.

What is the monthly cost of the Ring Protect Plan? 

Compared to many of its market rivals, The Ring Protect Plan is relatively inexpensive. There are now two plans available: Basic and Plus. 

Basic: for $3 per month or $30 per year, you can record videos for up to 60 days from a single device. 

Plus: It provides you with cellular backup, expert monitoring for your Ring Alarm around the clock, and video recording for up to 60 days on all devices. 

The Plus plan costs $10 per month or $100 per year. Complimentary 30-day membership to the Ring Protect Plus Plan is included with the purchase of a Ring device. And your trial term will expire in 30 days. 

You must sign up for Ring Protect Plan before your free 30-day trial expires if you want to save all of your recordings.

Final Thoughts

A smart home security system is essential and cannot be emphasized enough. If you want your smart home to be safe at all times, you should use a Ring Alarm security system. 

Particularly during a widespread power outage or a loss of electricity due to severe weather, as Ring Alarm works without internet.

Consider purchasing the Ring Alarm Security System if your existing security alarm is unable to offer the level of protection you require, both with and without an internet connection. 

You’ll probably agree that Ring Security is a good purchase, given its continuous cellular and battery backup. 

I would recommend that you shouldn’t hold off on getting the Ring Protect Plus Plan. It would be best if you experienced the advantages of having a fully integrated, safe, smart home.

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