Ring doorbell not charging (How to Fix)

Ring Doorbell fanatics can sometimes run into some issues here and there. Recently, there has been an issue with the Ring Doorbell not charging.

You may have had or will encounter the same issue. As a result, this article will cover various troubleshooting procedures and how to resolve this issue swiftly. 

So, what’s the deal with the ring doorbell not charging? 

If your Ring Doorbell isn’t charging, it might be due to a lack of or a shaky Wi-Fi connection, a low voltage power supply, a gadget that is frequently shutting down, or a defective item. 

The troubleshooting techniques listed below will aid you in fixing this issue.

If your Ring Video Doorbell is connected but not charging, it may capture poor quality video and audio. So, why does Ring Doorbell have a hardwired connection yet does not charge? 

It’s possible that the hardwired Ring Doorbell isn’t charging because of a malfunctioning device, no Wi-Fi connection, or insufficient voltage provided by the transformer.

So, to figure out why your ring doorbell isn’t charging and begin the troubleshooting procedure, you’ll need to do a quick test. 

  1. Open the “settings” section inside the Ring App on your mobile phone. 
  2. If “Device Health” is “Good,” there is no power or voltage concern.
  3. Ring Doorbell Customer Service must be contacted; if your gadget is proven to be defective, in this situation, Ring will send you a replacement for said device. 

However, if the Ring Doorbell 2 is displaying low voltage, you must follow the steps in this troubleshooting guide. 

Also, ensure the Ring Doorbell transformer receives enough power, as Ring requires 16+ Volts AC to function correctly. 

Fixing of the Ring Doorbell Power Issue 

The most accessible approach to address the doorbell power issue is to use a Pro Power kit V2 to bypass your doorbell. 

You can, however, contact Ring Customer Support if you are unable to do so. For those in the United States, dial +1(800) 656-1918.

Bypassing the Ring Doorbell

Make sure the electricity is turned off before beginning the bypass. 

Open the doorbell cover and undo the “Front” and “Trans” screws. 

You can use a screwdriver to remove the old power kit wiring. 

Remove the protective seals from the new Pro Power Kit V2. Insert the cables from the doorbell into the bypass holes provided, and the wires will automatically lock themselves. 

Place the ring Doorbell cover back in place and switch on the house’s power. Select your doorbell in the Ring App and set the device type to “None.” 

And just like that, you are done. Remember that your Ring Doorbell has been turned off, so you can now use your doorbell without any problems.

If the bypass method does not work for you, you might try replacing the doorbell transformer. 

Transformer Kit Installation– Ring Doorbell  

The installation of a new doorbell transformer is not tricky, but you must exercise caution since even a minor error might result in an electric shock. 

Also, make sure the transformer you choose has at least 30 volt-amps and 16 volts AC. You may acquire it from online retailers like Amazon if you haven’t already.

The first thing you should do is shut off the power breaker. It’s best to be cautious, because you’re working around electricity. In fact, you should always try to call an electrician instead of doing it yourself, just to be safer.

Yet, if you want to do it yourself, you can discover the transformer behind the doorbell chime or in your electrical circuit box. Disconnect the wires that run from the doorbell transformer and are plugged into the power supply. 

Screwed to the transformer you will see two wires, remove them both. As well as the old transformer and replace it with the new one, connecting the cables the same way you did the previous time. 

To have a guide down the road, take a photo of the old transformer while connecting the new wires.   

It’s now time to re-establish the house’s power. Check the health of your Ring Doorbell in the Ring App; if it says “Very Good” or “Good,” your doorbell is good to go. 

Why does the Ring Doorbell’s power supply appear to be insufficient? 

Any of the following causes might be causing your Ring doorbell to indicate an inadequate power supply. 

  • Wi-Fi connections are frequently lost. 
  • There is an issue with the Night Vision function
  • When the button on the doorbell is pressed, it turns off. 
  • During every live event, there is a risk of freezing. 
  • When Night Vision is turned on at night, the device’s health suffers. 
  • The internal doorbell chime is not working properly. 

All of these factors, however, can be examined in the Ring App by looking at the device’s health. A steady blue light on the top of the Ring Doorbell indicates that it is ultimately charged. 

Check out this post to see why your Ring doorbell flashes a blue light.

Related Issues 

Here are a couple of other questions that Ring Doorbell users frequently ask:

Why isn’t my ring doorbell capturing anything? 

There might be three reasons why your doorbell isn’t recording, and you can’t view any video on your app. 

It might be due to a faulty internet connection on your smartphone, a slow internet connection, or a faulty router-to-ring device connection. 

Is it possible to use a Ring doorbell without batteries? 

While some Ring doorbell models may require a battery to operate, the latest Ring-Pro and Elite doorbells do not.

Is the battery charged by the hardwired Ring Doorbell? 

Yes, the hardwired Ring Doorbell maintains the battery charged at all times, so you won’t have to keep track of it. 

Hardwiring simply involves connecting another cable through your walls, doors, and windows to use your previous doorbell connection for your Ring doorbell. 

In short

Ring Doorbells are a popular device found in various homes nationwide. Yet, all technology suffers from issues and must be troubleshot. 

However, when something as crucial as electricity and cables is involved, you must be very cautious and can ask for help from Ring’s technicians or a known electrician to aid you in the process.

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