Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue

Ring devices are, without a doubt, high-quality equipment. What you don’t expect are continuous false alarms and startling awakenings in the early hours of the morning. However, circumstances do not always dictate perfection, and if your Ring Doorbell continues to flash blue, here are a couple of solutions.

Ring Video doorbell flash blue

Do you notice your Video Doorbell’s blue light flashing? 

Ring Video Doorbells include a circular LED light under the camera. This LED light flashes to indicate what’s happening within the ring doorbells. 

However, not everyone is aware of these signs, so we investigated the matter and simplified everything for you to save you time – we understand that understanding them might be difficult. 

Ring Doorbell Flashing Patterns

To send status or fault signals, the Ring Doorbell flashes in a variety of patterns. There are three sorts of patterns it displays, and they are based on: 

  1. Light blinking speed 
  2. Whether the light is solid or flickering 
  3. If a fraction of the light that is circulated is illuminated.

Solid Blue Circle

This indicates that your Video Doorbell device’s speaker has been switched on and that someone is connected and listening to you. 

When you answer or connect to a call, this color will show. 

A solid blue light may indicate a fully charged battery, and this solid blue light may flash for up to 4-5 minutes before turning off. 

Four blue LEDs flash four times.

When your doorbell device has been successfully set up, you will notice this flashing pattern. During a call, this blue light appears spinning and flashing. 

However, when a doorbell button is pressed, for example, the doorbell light will rotate. This is an indication to who is pressing the doorbell that the owner will be alerted.

Flashing light that moves upward 

This light is normally only seen during setup and indicates that your device is attempting to connect to a Wi-Fi network. 

On the other hand, it might be a warning that the Wi-Fi network or connection isn’t working correctly.

Blue flashing on the upper half 

If just the top section of the doorbell flashes blue, it might be a sign of an incorrect password entered during the setup procedure. 

Your device is charging if you see this sort of light after the initial setup.

The flashing blue LED light transforms into white light. 

Your Ring Doorbell suddenly lights blue and then delivers a white flash while resetting it to factory settings with the dedicated reset button. 

It signifies the end of the factory reset procedure.

Blue flashing light 

The device is initiating or booting when the blue light flashes at a 1-second interval. If your video doorbell keeps flashing, there’s either something wrong with it, or it’s stuck in the booting phase.

Reasons your Ring shows a flashing a blue light.

You may already be aware of the cause for the blue light flashing on your doorbell device if you have noticed the pattern. There are four possible causes for the blue light flashing: 

  1. Device is restarting
  2. It is stuck in the “setup” mode
  3. The device can be trying to reconnect to Wi-Fi
  4. There is an update that is being installed automatically to your device

What should you do if the Ring video doorbell light continues to glow for more than 3-4 hours? 

If your doorbell light flashes for more than 3-4 hours, there might be a problem with the device that has to be fixed. You can always reset the Ring Doorbell, or reset the Ring Doorbell Chime if you need to, but before you do, to stop the flashing, do the following:

Ensure that the doorbell has enough electricity.

There are two methods to charge the doorbell battery. The first is to hang the video doorbell on any surface and charge it whenever you like, or second, you can hardwire the doorbell to your home’s electric circuit, and it will charge automatically. 

This can also be happening because your Ring Solar Panel is not charging correctly, thus not providing the device with enough electricity to work and making it bug out.

When your device starts charging, you’ll notice a blue light. Note that when the battery is charging, the blue light should only flash. Otherwise, your doorbell may be malfunctioning.  You shouldn’t be concerned if the blue flash appears for a short time after charging and then goes away.

If applicable, perform a firmware upgrade.

Check for any updates on the Ring app. It might be that your Ring is overdue for a simple tune-up, and that is why it is out of whack.

Attempt to set off an alarm. 

There might be a problem with the device or an unidentified error. To make it work, try triggering notifications with the doorbell’s button or the Ring doorbell’s mobile app.

Check Ring Doorbell’s Wi-Fi Network Connection

Your doorbell’s charge may not appear properly if your Wi-Fi connection does not have a strong internet connection. As a result, double-check your internet connection to ensure that your doorbell can update the system once it’s ultimately charged. 

Contact Ring’s doorbell support.

It is no secret that most smart devices can malfunction from time to time. Companies know this. For instance, “Ring doorbell keeps ringing” is an issue some users have encountered before.

If the problem persists, contact the support center for further information to receive assistance in resolving your doorbell’s flash because there is a risk that the hardware element of your doorbell is malfunctioning. 

The bottom line

Now you know what to do if your Ring Doorbell continues to flash blue. Overall, I believe that any device that communicates what is wrong through error messages or colors gets extra bonus points from me.

It is a significant investment that will leave you, your family, and your home feeling that much safer. Add on the fantastic cameras that Ring provides, and you have the complete package!

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