External USB drive not working on Fire Cube (solved)

Are you having a hard time connecting your external USB hard drive to the Amazon Fire Cube? Yeah, I've been there, and I have a solution for you.

Fire Cube External Hard Drive

I know. You've done everything correctly, but for some reason, your Fire Cube just can't recognize the USB hard drive that you attached to it to have extra space.

I have some tips to help you to solve the problem, keep reading...

How to fix the Fire Cube USB connection issue

Here's a list of things you can try to fix the problem.

  • Format the USB hard drive;
  • Check if there's enough power;
  • Force a reset;
  • Replace the cable;
  • Use a compatible USB Hard Drive.

You need to try these different things to get the USB HDD working.

Let's take a close look at all of these possible solutions.

Format the USB Hard Drive

Sometimes the hard drive filesystem gets corrupted, and you need to format it to get it working. So disconnect the HDD from the Fire Cube and plug it into your computer and then format it. 

Remember that you must choose the FAT32 filesystem; otherwise your fire Cube won't be able to read/write from the USB hard drive.

You can use the "quick format" available on Windows and test if the Fire Cube recognizes it after this process. If it doesn't, you can try formatting the hard drive without checking the "quick format box," which takes longer to complete.

Check if there's enough power for the Fire Cube

Make sure you are using the correct power supply for your Fire Cube.

The best option is to use the original power supply that should work with 12 Volts and 1.25Amp. So make sure you are using the correct one.

With enough power, your Fire Cube should work fine.

Reset your Fire Cube

Yes, you can reset your Fire Cube to make it work with a USB hard drive.

Here are the steps to reset it.

  • Press and hold the "select and "play" buttons;
  • Keep both buttons pressed;
  • Wait until the Fire Cube reset;
  • Release the buttons.

You may see a black screen during the reset process, and then the Fire Cube logo shows up when the device is initializing.

After finishing the reset process, try to connect the USB hard drive again.

Replace the OTG cable

Sometimes the USB hard drive doesn't work due to a faulty OTG cable.

Try using a different cable and check if that solves the problem.

I know that requires expending extra money on a new cable, but it's not expensive, so it is worth the small investment and the effort to make it work.

Use a compatible USB hard disc

Perhaps you are trying to use a USB HDD that is not compatible with the Fire Cube. Make sure you use a USB hard drive from a well-known brand.

Also, make sure you are not using a USB 3.0 Hard Drive that doesn't work with the Fire Cube using a 2.0 USB interface.


If your USB hard drive is not working with your Amazon Fire Cube, you can check the power, test a different HDD, new OTG cables, and a physical reset.

It's not easy to go over all this process, but it can help you to solve the problem.

I hope this article can help you; please share it with your friends.

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