Yi home camera WiFi password error (solved)

This article helps you solve the Yi Home camera WiFi password error during the setup. You can solve the problem in less than 5 minutes.

Yi Home Camera Connecte -to WiFi

Yi Home Camera conected to the Wi-Fi Router

The process works for Yi cameras that use the Yi Home App.

What causes the WiFi password error

There are different problems related to the Yi Home WiFi password error.

Let's take a look at the possible issues and solutions.

  • The password is incorrect;
  • Your smartphone is connected to the wrong WiFi band;
  • The location for the service app is disabled;

See the possible solutions for the problem.

Wrong password

Perhaps you are trying to enter the wrong  password.

That usually happens when you forget the correct password to your WiFi router because you have it working on your devices and don't need to type it frequently. 

Here are some tips to deal with this problem.

  • Connect other devices to the WiFi router to test the password;
  • Make sure you are typing the lower case and UPPERCASE letters correctly;
  • Check if there are no mistakes with the letters and numbers O and 0 (zero);
  • Be careful with similar letters such as L, l, i, and I;
  •  Make sure the keyboard on your smartphone is working correctly.

Connection to the wrong WiFi band

The Yi camera works with the 2.4GHz WiFi band.

Check the following to make sure you don't have a connection problem.

  • Make sure you are not trying to connect to a 5GHz;
  • Ensure the 2.4 GHz band is enabled on your WiFi router;
  • Check if your neighbor has a similar SSID (WiFi signal name);

Sometimes we just make a simple mistake like trying to connect to the neighbor's WiFi router because it uses a similar SSID. That happened to me before 🙂

The service location is disabled

That's a weird problem but it happens.

The GPS location can cause the Yi Home camera WiFi password error.

Yi Home Camera Phone GPS Location Permission

Here's how to check and fix the problem. for Android and iPhone (ioS).

For Iphone (iOS)

Enable the GPS location and the Yi Home app. See the steps below.

Go to Seetings >> Privacy.

iOS Privacy Settings

Make sure the Location Services toggle is "ON".

iOS Location Services Enabled

Check the location services for the Yi Home App.

As you can see in the picture below, the service is checked as "Never".

iOS Location Services for Yi Home Never

You need to change it to "Always.

iOS Location Services for Yi Home Always

And that's all. You can try use the WiFi password again.

For Android

Turn on the phone location as shown below.

Open the "Connections" menu.

Android Smartphone connections menu

Enable the location service and shown below.

Android Smartphone location on

After this step, you can try to use the WiFi password again.

Use the correct app

The steps described in this articles are related to the Yi Home app.

Make sure you are using the correct app from the Android Store or iOS Store.

Do NOT use other app such as the Yi HOme Lite.

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Now you know how to solve the Yi Home camera WiFi password error.

Most of the time the tips on this articles are enough to get your camera working.

If you still have problems, visit the Yi support website.

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