Are Blink Cameras Compatible With Ring?

If you own a Ring or Blink system and are considering some upgrades or new devices added, you may be wondering if Blink cameras are compatible with Ring.

Here's the quick answer, 

No, Blink Cameras are not compatible with Ring, and unfortunately, it's not possible to integrate them into the same security system. However, you still can have both brands working in your home using a third-party system such as Alexa.

Integrating Blink with Ring (via Alexa)

Yeah, you still can have your cameras working together under the same roof 🙂

Even if you can't use the Ring or Blink software to control both cameras on the same interface, Alexa allows you to have both of them responding to voice commands and executing routines under the same umbrella. That's cool, huh?

How to add the Ring and Blink cameras to Alexa

Follow the steps below to integrate the Ring camera to Alexa, and then it's just a question of starting over again and to the same for the Blink cameras.

  • Open the Alexa app on your smartphone;
  • Tap the "hamburguer" menu on the bottom right side;
  • Tap Skills & Games;
  • Search for Ring in the search box;
  • Find the Ring App and tap the  "Enable" button;
  • Sign in to your Ring account to link the accounts;
  • Tap discover devices.

Alexa finds and adds all your Ring devices so you can control them.

Now, you just need to repeat the same process for your Blink cameras.

Add an Alexa routine based on triggers

You can have the Blink and the Ring cameras working together via the Alexa routines and execute a specific action on any of the devices based on triggers.

For example, your Blink camera can start recording videos every time there's motion in front of the Ring camera. That action is based on triggers and events.

Here's how to create a routine in Alexa:

  • Open the Alexa app;
  • Tap  “Routines”;
  • Tap the plus (+) sign on the top-right corner;
  • Give the new routine a name;
  • Tap “When this happens” (this is the trigger); 
  • Associate it with an action (routine);
  •  Tap “Smart Home.”
  • Select the Blink camera you want to trigger the Routine;
  • Save the configuration;

You can customize the routines based on a calendar and events such as motion detection, so you have absolute control over things happening in your system.

You can also add many different actions and routines to meet your needs.


Blink and Ring cameras are not compatible; however, you still have an alternative to make them work together with the Alexa integration.

You can use such a solution if you have these cameras and don't know how to make them work together. The integration is easy and requires simple steps.

Consider using this type of integration to have your cameras working under Alexa's voice command and routines. It's a great alternative to direct integration.

I hope this article can help you, please share it with your friends.

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