How to connect Apple Airpods to Samsung TV?

Do you want to know if you can listen to your TV on AirPods? This post will walk you through how you can connect Apple Airpods to Samsung TV.

These are both excellent pieces of technology, and if you want to use them together, the good news is that you can do so quite quickly — all you have to do is link them. 

You might be asking yourself how that is possible to accomplish because Apple AirPods don’t have cables. But it is easier than you might think.

What are Airpods?

Apple AirPods are Bluetooth wireless earphones meant to operate with your iPhone and iPad. However, because AirPods are Bluetooth audio devices, they can be used with practically any other computer or smartphone; you can even link them with an Apple or Samsung TV.

If you are an Apple brand love consider investing in the Apple HomeKit, we made a guide of all you need to know about it! It is a must have for all the Apple fanatics, especially the ones that like Siri.

Are Apple AirPods compatible with Samsung televisions? 

You may be wondering if AirPods are compatible with your Samsung television. Many of Apple’s products are proprietary, meaning they will only work with other Apple products. 

AirPods are compatible with a range of devices, mostly Bluetooth devices such as laptops or Samsung televisions. 

As a result, you can use your AirPods to listen to your Samsung TV whenever you want. Apple AirPods are compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, including Samsung TVs and various other gadgets.

Should I Use My Samsung TV With Apple AirPods? 

It’s feasible that you won’t want to use Apple AirPods with your Samsung TV all that often. Because in-ear headphones, like any loud noise, can damage your hearing over time, wearing them with your TV can be harmful if done too regularly. 

High-frequency noises generated by in-ear headphones are more likely to harm your hearing than the sound produced by bigger speakers such as television speakers. 

It is better to listen to your television through the television’s dedicated speakers. This lessens the stress on your ears and, in the long run, makes it safer.

What Is The Best Way To Connect Apple AirPods To A Samsung TV? 

The connecting process of linking your Airpods and your TV can be pretty straightforward. However, some people are more tech-savvy, while others rather have step-by-step instructions. Below I provided a summary of how to connect them and a step-by-step process.


To connect your Apple AirPods with your Samsung TV, turn on pairing mode on your headphones and then look for them in the TV’s Bluetooth settings. 

The TV should then be able to detect your headphones and link with them. The volume on your TV should then be controlled through the headphones. 

Step by step

  1. In order to link your AirPods with your Samsung TV, you must first put them on pairing mode. 
  2. You may accomplish this by tapping the pairing button on the rear of the AirPods’ case. This will inform the headphones that you want to connect to a device.
  3. The headphones should begin to flicker, indicating that they are ready to pair with a device. This must be completed before you attempt to connect your Samsung TV to the headphones. 
  4. Then, on your television, select the Settings option. 
  5. First, you must browse to the “Devices” section and then to Bluetooth.
  6. You might want to start by turning on Bluetooth because without it, your TV won’t be able to detect devices.
  7. You should now see a list of devices you could pair, and your headphones should be listed among them.
  8. If you have various devices linked to your TV that you don’t want to connect with, you’ll need to know what your headphones are named so that you can choose them from the list. 
  9. Select your headphones from the list, and the pairing should take only a few seconds. 
  10. Now you should be able to listen to your TV with your headphones, which will prevent the noise from bothering other members of your home.

What Happens If My AirPods Don’t Work With My Samsung TV? 

If your AirPods aren’t pairing with your TV, try turning off the Bluetooth and removing them from pairing mode. After that, re-pair the headphones and re-enable the Bluetooth setting on your Samsung television. 

Wait for the adjustments to take effect before going back to the available devices list and looking for your headphones. They should appear there, and then you can choose to connect your headphones.

Remember you might have to change ownership of the AirPods you are using before connecting them to your TV.

The bottom line

So now you know how to pair Apple AirPods with a Samsung TV. It should be a relatively straightforward process, but consider rebooting both devices and starting over if you’re having trouble. 

This isn’t necessarily something to be worried about. Sometimes devices have difficulty picking up Bluetooth connections on the first try. 

Before you try to connect to your AirPods with your TV, you’ll need to know their name, especially if you have a lot of Bluetooth-capable gadgets in your house. If you don’t have this information, you’ll struggle to discover the correct device to connect to on the list!

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