How to set up the Amcrest Baby Monitor (ASH21) in under 3 minutes

In this article, I show how to set up the Amcrest Baby Monitor (ASH21).

Amcrest Baby Monitor

The process is very simple, and it takes less than 3 minutes.

Let's get started.

Steps to set up the Amcrest Baby Monitor

The Amcrest Baby Monitor (also know as Amcrest WiFi or Pet camera) has a connector for network cable connection, and it also can use the WiFi network.

Decide which mode you want to use and follow the steps below for the setup.

  • Download and install the Amcrest Smart Home App;
  • Create an Amcrest account;
  • Connect the camera to the power;
  • Wait for the LED to start blinking green;
  • Open the App and click "Add New Camera";
  • Use the smartphone to scan the camera's QR code;
  • Choose the WiFi signal to connect to;
  • Give the camera a name.
Amcrest Baby Monitor Scan Code

And you are done.

Pretty simple, right?

Problems with the WiFi connection

Some users reported a problem with the ASH1 not connecting to the WiFi.

I've tested this camera myself and noticed that you need to pay attention to some details. So here are some facts about the camera WiFi's feature.

  • Make sure to connect the camera to a 2.4GHz WiFi router;
  • Install the camera as close as possible to the WiFi router;
  • If the signal is weak, use a WiFi Repeater;
  • Use a network cable if the WiFi signal is not good enough.

This camera is very good and easy to use; however, you really need to be careful with the WiFi signal to make it work correctly.

Please don't try to connect the camera to the 5GHz Band (it doesn't work).

To guarantee the camera will work, please get a WiFi repeater (also known as WiFi extender or WiFi Booster) so the signal reaches the room the camera is in.

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Video:  How to set up the Amcrest ASH21

Here's a video to help you to understand the camera setup.

As you can see, the set up is very easy.

If you need more information, please visit the Amcrest website.

I hope this article can help you, please share it with your friends.

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