Can I watch Wyze cam on a computer?

Here's a common question "Can I watch Wyze cam on a computer ?".

The answer is: Yes, you can watch the Wyze Cam on a computer and there are different ways to do that. You can use the Wyze app for PC or enable the RTSP protocol.  Both are simple, but I prefer number 1.

Can I watch Wyze cam on a computer

Here are two ways to watch the Wyze on PC:

Number 1: Use an emulator on your PC and install the Wyze App.

Number 2: Update the camera with the RTSP firmware and use the VLC software.

1. How to watch the Wyze Cam on the PC

So, does Wyze have a desktop app? No, it doesn't. But you can use an emulator.

It's like have a Wyze app for PC by emulating it via software.

Ok, option number 1 is to emulate the Wyze App on the PC, so you just need to download a free emulator called  BlueStacks and install it on your computer.

Watch Wyze Cam on the PC using the emulator

Here's the step-by-step process...

1. Visit the BlueStacks website to download and install it on your computer;

2. Open the BlueStacks and login in to your Google Play Account;

3. Download and install the Wyze Cam App;

4. Log in to your Wyze Cam account.

Here's the illustration for the steps:

Download and install the BlueStacks

BlueStacks installation Screen

Login into your Google Play Account

Login to Google Play

Download the Wyze App

Wyze Cam on PC using BlueStacks App Search

Log in the Wyze Account

Wyze App Login

And that's all. Now you can watch the Wyze Cam on the PC as shown below.

Wyze Cam on PC Using BlueStack Emulator

The installation and setup process is very simple and can be done in a few minutes.

The App is the same one that you use on your mobile phone.

2. How to watch Wyze Cam on PC using RTSP

For option number 2, it is necessary to learn How to install the RTSP firmware on the Wyze Cam. Once the installation is done, you can proceed with the setup.

Here's the  step-by-step to generate the RTSP URL on the Wyze Cam:

Click Settings -> Advanced Settings -> RTSP

Enable the RTSP feature and enter the username and password

Click “Generate URL

The RTSP URL generated by the Wyze Cam is similar to this one:


Now just use this URL to stream the video from the camera to the VLC software.

How to set up the VLC software

Download and install the VLC software on your PC.

Follow the steps below:

Open the VLC and click on "Media >> Open Network Stream..."

RTSP stream

Type the RTSP URL generated by the Wyze Cam

Wyze Cam RTSP Setup on VLC

Hit "Play" to start the streaming from the Wyze Cam to the VLC software...

Wyze Cam RTSP video on VLC

And there you go. Now you can watch the Wyze Cam on the PC.


I'm happy  with the fact that I can watch Wyze cam on a computer.

It works pretty well and I prefer the first option that gives total control over the Wyze App so it's possible to change the camera configuration.

The second option is a good alternative but with some limitations.

Which way of watch the Wyze on a PC you like the most?

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