Difference between RGB and RGBIC lights?

Govee Smart has plenty of products. So what is the difference between RGB strip lights and RGBIC strip lights? Which is better? RGB or RGBIC?


LED lights

Pros and cons

Both the RGB and RCBIV LED strips from Govee Smart Lights are exceptional and affordable products. However, they differ significantly, and both present their strengths.

You cannot achieve some things with an RGBIC strip that can be done with an RGB one. And vice versa.

Like for example, cutting the strip…

Can you cut Govee LED Lights?

LED installing

To cut Govee Lights, you will need to make sure you have the right type of LED Strip. RGB LED Strips can be cut. This is because they do not contain an IC chip. 

Meaning they can be cut in certain areas and will continue to work. However, they are also the type of lights that cannot be multiple colors at once.

On the other hand, the RGBIC Strips can’t be cut simply because they have an IC chip, and the lights will not work if you cut it. 

Therefore, you will not find cutting lines along this particular model.


I have personally reviewed a Govee Smart Light RGB LED Strip and have loved it. Though you cannot have access to some features included with the RGBIC.


The RGB LED strip can be cut into smaller portions, which is excellent for installing in such places where you can go around corners or chop the excess off.

The brightness at night is impressive, and even at 1%, it still lights up a room. 

It was a great add-on to my room as I placed it under my bed. And for young kids, this can totally be a fun nightlight to have!


It is cuttable because it does not contain an IC chip, but it also means that the strip can only stay in one color at a time. Other LED strips can range in color and have an Ombre effect.

Though bright, it is not as radiant as an RGBIC strip, which is not as potent and can light up a room way better.


Party with Govee Smart Lights

The RGBIC is a new technology to display the colors and can make a room pop! One strip can be multiple colors and blend together.


All thanks to the IC or Independent Control chip that gives you the power to display multiple colors in one light strip at the same time. And you can gain control of each segment’s color.

It is also “Ultra- Bright” and leaves RGB in the dust when it comes to its brightness. 

However, you won’t be able to leave it overnight for a nightlight, for example, as it will be way to bright.


Though the different colors in the RGBIC strip can be fun, it also means it cannot be cut. Therefore, it can be harder to install in walls in which you cannot utilize a clipping connector.

The bottom line

Whether you pick the RGB or RCBIV LED strips from Govee Smart Lights, you are going to receive both a quality product and have a lot of fun with either.

Keep in mind that both have their pros and cons, but that should not spot you from purchasing either. Especially because they are inexpensive. 

So much so, you might buy one of each and not reach the price point of other brands.

Which LED type would you want to get? RGB or RGBIC? Let us know below?

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