ADT Pulse App Login Failure [Quick Fix]

In this article, I explain how to fix the ADT Pulse App login failure.

ADT Pulse password error

ADT Pulse Login Failure

The problem with the ADT Pulse login is usually related to a wrong password, and you can fix it in less than 5 minutes by executing the simple procedures listed in this article.

Let's take a look at how to do that.

Reset the ADT Pulse Password

Most of the time, the ADT Pulse App login failure is related to a problem with a wrong password stored in the system database.  You just need to fix that.

You can simply reset the password and create a new one.

To reset your ADT Pulse app password, follow these steps:

  • Open the ADT Pulse App; 
  • Tap "I Forgot My Password";
  • Tap "Reset Password";
  • Open your email inbox;
  • Look for the ADT reset password email;
  • Click the email to visit the reset page;
  • Enter your username and select "Continue";
  • Answer the Security Questions;
  • Your ADT password is reset.
ADT Pulse password reset

Enter the security questions to reset the password

Create a PIN to log in to your ADT Pulse

To make things easier, you can log into the app using a 4 digit PIN.

By using a PIN, you can have quicker access to your ADT system.

When you log in with the 4 digit PIN, the session stays active for a longer time, so you don't need to keep entering your password all over again.

Just pay attention to the time period the system keeps active; after some time you will be prompted to enter your ADT Pulse username and password again.

This procedure is occasionally done to verify your identity and keep the system safe from people that may try unauthorized access. 

Here's how to create your ADT Pulse 4 digit PIN.

  • Toggle the button to create a 4 digit pin;
  • Enter the 4 digits to create the PIN;
  • Re-enter the PIN for confirmation.

And it's done.  The ADT login should be fine now.

Now you can use the PIN much faster than enter your credentials.

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