Disarming an ADT alarm

How to turn off the ADT door chime

The alarm systems provided by ADT are a perfect way to protect your home by monitoring the movement of the influx in your household. But it does not always have to be noisy. Let’s learn how to turn off the ADT door chime. Knowing that your home is safe once you leave will allow you […]

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Beautiful woman activating a lock system at her smart home smiling

How to Adjust ADT Glass Break Sensor

This post will discuss the ADT glass break sensor, a popular device installed in many homes. They serve as an extra precaution and are a fantastic addition to your security system. Glass break sensors were made to detect breaking sounds and alert you that something might be wrong. Whether the cat dropped a cup off […]

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Secured By ADT

Why is my ADT Door Alarm Not Beeping

Security systems are an essential part of life nowadays; however, if they do not function correctly, they can compromise your household and not alert you of dangers. Let’s talk about ADT Door Alarm Beeps. ADT is a popular home security brand known worldwide. It is famous for protecting households from thieves, smoke, and fire. Furthermore, […]

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Are ADT cameras good?

ADT is one of the most popular security companies in the USA. It’s been around close to 150 years and has millions of clients around the country using its alarm system and security cameras. With the increasing number of competitors in the market offering security cameras as well, people are raising the question, Are ADT […]

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ADT Battery Replacement Cost

Nowadays, electricity is needed to run everything, even cars. But to power many of our home security devices, we need to use batteries. Let’s talk about the cost of replacing ADT batteries. Sadly, batteries cannot last a lifetime, though we wish they could. This is the reality for many gadgets in our home due to […]

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Wireless Translator Options and configure button

How to connect wired sensors to ADT wireless alarm system

Do you want to connect wired sensors to a ADT wireless alarm system?You are not alone since a lot of people have the same concern when migrating from other alarm systems that were installed using only wired sensors.In this article, I go over this interesting topic. Just keep reading…How to convert a wired alarm to […]

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Are ADT sensors compatible with Ring?

You want to know if ADT sensors are compatible with Ring, right?Yeah, ADT is very popular in the U.S., and Ring is also getting a lot of popularity in recent years, so more and more people are looking for alternatives to combine these different brands and make them work together.So, let’s answer the question in […]

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ADT battery replacement

How to change the battery in an ADT window or door sensor

In this article, I show how to change the battery in an ADT window or door sensor.As most ADT devices use batteries, it’s necessary to replace them from time to time to keep everything working and protect your house or office.The sensors work with a 3V CR123A Lithium battery you can buy online.The process is straightforward and […]

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Add ADT Sensor to SmartThings

How to add ADT sensor to Samsung SmartThings

In this article, I show how to add an ADT motion sensor to SmartThings.The process is straightforward and takes less than 5 minutes.How to add ADT sensor to SmartThingsHere are the steps to add the sensor to the hub.Disarm the security hub;Make sure the sensor is within 350 feet;Open the SmartThings app on your smartphone;Click […]

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ADT Sensor Tamper switch

How to reset an ADT sensor

Do you have a sensor that did not pair with the ADT security hub?In this article, I explain how to reset the ADT sensor by following simple steps.Press and hold the tamper switch;Observe while the red LED flashes quickly;Wait until the red LED becomes steady;Release the tamper switch;Wait until the red LED flashes slowly.ADT sensor […]

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