Wyze Cam has a Grainy Picture [Solved]

Do you have your Wyze Cam with a grainy picture?

I've seen that happen before with my own Wyze V2 and Pan cameras.

But don't worry, there are always to reduce or eliminate this problem.

Why does my Wyze Cam have a grainy picture?

Well, there are different things that can make your camera look grainy.

The most commons are:

  • High temperature
  • Lack of good illumination
  • A defective circuit board or sensor

Let's discuss a little bit about those problems.

High temperature

Electronic devices are affected by high or low temperatures.

The Wyze Cam is an electronic device and thus gets affected by temperature variation, so if it gets hot, you may notice some odd problems, such as a grainy image. 

If you visit read the Wyze Cam specs, you may find the information about the maximum operating temperature of 122°F (50°C).

Even before it gets too hot, you may notice the effects of a grainy image, especially if it's dark and hot at the same time where the camera is installed.

The solution for the high-temperature problem is to install the camera away from equipment that may get hot such as motors, heaters, and things like that, and avoid direct sunlight hitting the camera.

Lack of illumination

Cameras need a good light condition to deliver a good image.

I'm talking about all cameras in general. Camcorders, DSLRs, Smartphone cameras, and security cameras get digital noise when there's no enough light.

This digital noise is noticeable as a grainy image, and it's easy to see it at nighttime.

Professional cameras with big sensors and high-level components can handle digital noise pretty well, but that's not the case for an inexpensive camera..

So, if you are using your Wyze Cam in a dark area without the night vision feature, you may notice the digital noise, also known as a grainy image.

To solve the problem, you either need to improve the illumination in the area the camera is installed or use the night vision feature (infrared  LEDs).

Go to the Advanced Settings menu and put the Night Vision Mode in Auto.

This configuration allows the camera to turn on the infrared light when it gets dark.

With the IR light, you won't see the grainy image anymore, but unfortunately, you can't see a color image as well. 


If you Wyze Cam has a grainy picture, take a look at the temperature and illumination. Just turn the night vision mode and you may see the grainy go away.

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