ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 Beeping [How to silence it]

Are your ADT Safetwatch Pro 3000 Beeping and driving you crazy?

alarm system drives woman crazy

In this article, I explain how to identity the errors and silent the annoying beeps.

The Safewatch Pro Display and Beeps Alerts

The keypad has an internal sounder that beeps during alarms and troubles.

It "beeps" to indicates a key is pressed, system status, and malfunctions.

The LCD shows information about the system.

Safewatching 3000 Display

Let's look at how to identify the status based on the "beeps" and messages.

Why the ADT Safewatch Pro is Beeping

Here are the most common reasons for the Safewatching Pro beeping.

There's an intruder on the premises

If you notice that the touchpad beeps rapidly upon entering the premises, that could indicate that an alarm has occurred, and perhaps somebody may still be in the place. Please leave the premises and call the police.

Window or door opened

The keypad beeps 3 times to indicate a door or window was open.

This happens when the system is disarmed. You can see the "Chime" on the LCD.

Exit delay

The Exit Delay function allows you time to leave the premises after the alarm is armed. You can hear a sequence of "beeps" throughout the exit delay period.

Entry delay

This function gives you time to walk to the keypad and disarm the alarm.

The keypad keeps beeping during the entry delay period and stops when you enter the code to disarm the alarm before it goes off.

You can program two entry delays, one for your primary entrance and the second one for a secondary entrance, with a longer waiting time to disarm the alarm so you will enough time to walk to the keypad.

Arming Commands

The keypad beeps 3 times to indicate the alarm was armed.

You can see the alarm status on the keypad display.

  • STAY Mode: Stay security code + [3]
  • NIGHT-STAY Mode: security code + [3] + [3]
  • INSTANT Mode: Instant security code + [7]
  • AWAY Mode: Away security code + [2]
  • Problems with the System

    When there's a problem with the system, the keypad beeps and shows messages on the LCD to guide you through a troubleshooting process to find a solution.

    Go to the troubleshooting section of this article for more information.

    How to Disarm, Silence and Clear Alarms

    If your alarm system is beeping, you can press the OFF key to disarm and silence it. This key is also handy to clear alarm memories stored in the keypad.

    Disarming the alarm

    The OFF key is used to disarm the system, silence alarm and trouble sounds, and clear alarm memories.

    Ready to arm message on the LCD

    Enter your security code + 1 (OFF) to disarm the alarm.

    The word "READY" in the LCD indicates that all zones are secure, and you will hear a single tone that confirms the system is disarmed.

    Silence the Alarm

    To silence the alarm, enter your security code and press the OFF key (1).

    Clear the Alarm

    To clear the memory of an alarm, press the OFF key and enter your security code plus OFF. You should see the alarm message disappear from the LCD.

    Alarm System Troubleshooting

    The keypad beeps and shows a message on the LCD to indicate the errors.

    Here are some of the errors you can find in the system.

    COMM. FAILURE: Indicates the Fail to communicate (FC) error which means a failure has occurred in the telephone communication portion of your system.

    SYSTEM LO BAT: The battery is low, and you need to observe if the problem is solved when the power line is restored. If not, it's time to replace the battery.

    LO BAT: A single "beep"* (once every 40 seconds) and a message at the keypad indicate that the wireless transmitter's battery needs to be replaced.

    Rcvr Jam: There's an interference problem with the wireless part of the system.

    MODEM COMM: This message indicates an online communication with the Customer Care Center's computer. Just wait for a while, and it may disappear.

    BELL FAILURE: The wiring communication to the external sounder is broken or not disconnected. Talk to your ADT dealer about this problem.

    AC LOSS: The system is operating with the battery. When the power is restored, everything may come back to normal. Press the OFF button to stop the "beep".

    Busy-Standby:  Indicates the system is disabled if the message stays in the LCD for more than one minute. Call your ADT dealer to check for a solution.

    OPEN CIRCUIT:  The keypad is not receiving a signal from the control.

    Long Rng Trbl:  Indicates a communication failure. You may see a message on the screen that shows the Long Range Radio communication error or Backup Failure.

    TELCO FAULT:  A problem with telephone communication. Press the OFF (1) button to stop the "beep" and call your ADT dealer and report the problem.

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    And those are the ways you can fix the problems with your ADT Safetwatch Pro 3000 Beeping. Most of the time, you just need to enter your security code plus 1.

    Read the messages on the LCD and act accordingly to fix the issue.

    If you don't know what to do, please visit the ADT website or call a technician.

    Please share this information with your friends.

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